Does Life Only Begin At Birth?

Isn't it easy to kill someone who has no voice? You would think that pity would be taken on such a person, but over 5,000 are brutally slaughtered every day. When we were young we were taught right from wrong and that killing no matter how old is wrong. You may think that you don't have another choice, besides keeping the child or having it aborted well aren't you forgetting adoption? There are thousands of couples in the world that are unable to have children, and here you are killing yours. Don't take life for granted. Your child may have a rough life, but at least they have a life. Is it really your place to decide when someone dies?

Many people think that abortion is just something that you do because you don't want your baby or because you are not ready for it, which you may not be, but the truth is it kills the lives of many unborn babies who didn't have a single chance in this world. Their lives were in their mothers hands and that's all she did was tear his/her heart to pieces. Now the child, who is in heaven, can only wonder why his/her mother didn't want that special connection between a mother and her baby. If the mother does not want the baby then she should just give the child up for adoption so that the child can at least know what it is like to breathe, to laugh, to have fun, and to be loved. In some cases, such as rape, the mother may not want her baby to come out "different " in case the father was on drugs, alcohol, or some other substance that can cause diseases or deformities in babies, which is completely understandable and I have no say in that. However, for those who have not been raped and who willfully had sex and got pregnant, I don't think that is the right thing to do. Is this something that you would want to happen to you? Do you really want to take the life of someone who hasn't had a chance in this world? Wouldn't you want to know what it is like to touch, smell, see, breathe, and love? Could you ever think of doing that to someone or something? If murder is illegal, why should this be any different?

If you feel the baby is going to be better off not brought into this world then don't bring it in. It doesn't deserve that and probably would have a better life. There are circumstances like rape and other issues, but sex alone is a huge step and it should be taken care of very carefully. An excuse like “the rubber tore” isn’t reason enough to end a being’s life. Abortion should not be considered as an option to unplanned pregnancy. There are two other perfectly reasonable options that could be used that would not harm anyone. If someone is responsible enough to have sex, then it should be his or her responsibility to take care of what they made and if it is extremely necessary for the baby to not grow up in that house, or even with that family, instead of abortion go for the more reasonable option and put the infant up for adoption.

Sure abortion can be the answer in some situations but most likely there is a better solution out there. The women of today get so scared that they don’t even bother to look. I know everybody should have a choice in what they do with their body, but when you have an abortion you're also making the choice for a body that isn't only yours. That isn't fair to the baby. Abortion may be an answer to your problems, but it isn’t the right one.