Does Life Imitate Art, or does Art Imitate Life?



27 September 2003

Reality TV shows deal with the most current dramatic issues ranging from relationship quandary, to the aspect of teamwork. This is truly a form of art imitating life outside of the small screen. Had it not been for the conception of life, the aspect of art would not exist. Therefore the only logical conclusion one can conjure is that art unquestionably represents life.

Reality Television shows attract millions of viewers all over the world. This would lead one to think how they would react in similar situations. Maybe we weren’t meant to think of such concepts. Whether we like it or not, with the increasing popularity of reality-TV shows, we must force ourselves to accept the fact that they are rapidly becoming another form of art work.

Life as we know it is full of many trials and tribulations. These aspects tend to inspire many works of art into the world. Reality TV programs were invented to highlight the ones that we tend to overlook in our everyday lives. It is these concepts that many base their works of art around. Art is meant to be the portrayal of an event of life at that moment in time, possible guesstimated illusions of the future, or reenactments of the past based on factual or hypothetical notions.


However without the concept of life, these art-like programs would be of no importance to us for they would not exist. Many tend to watch reality shows in the belief that they are incapable of achieving similar feats whether it be that you are stranded on an island, or circling the globe with a partner in search of a grand prize. In certainty the average person could do the same, but have lost faith in themselves to pursue similar excursions due to a lack in their self-confidence. Many depict reality TV shows to be negative forms of emerging art work where as they may encourage they’re viewers to travel the world which could result in many promising artworks that could prove to become famous in the years to come. Many forms of artwork can come out of imitating life while traveling, forms such as life drawings, to inspired photographs.

Art being an imitation of life is the more logical answer of the two. Many would be more inclined to be inspired by life to create art, than be inspired by thought and imitate what they think life is or what life should be for others to reflect upon. It is much simpler to think of it this way because it is easier to create art on a source of occurrence, rather than imagination.