Does China Matter?

Global History 5/02/04

China was once a most powerful country in the world, until they put a stop on trade, ever since then Chine has been behind. A county with the largest population. Chinese economy and military status dropped so fast that the people didn’t notice it. Their argument is that “China is a huge market, and you cannot afford to miss it”. When dealing militarily China is not first, because it could not beat United States, and not third because it is superior to the countries around it. However, it would have a hard time fighting these countries it not easy to predict the out come of the battles.
The Chinese people don’t buy products from other countries; if they did the West would be rich. China does not matter economically; it is only a small market that matters little out side Asia. China has promised to deliver for much of the last 150 years but has constantly disappointed. The growth of the Chinese economy has rapidly dropped. In 1800 China accounted for 33 percent of world manufacturing output; by way of comparison, Europe as a whole was 28 percent, and the United States was 0.8 percent. By 1900 China was down to 6.2 percent (Europe was 62 percent, and the United States was 23.6 percent). In 1997 China accounted for 3.5 percent of world GNP (in 1997 constant dollars, the United States was 25.6 percent). AS the statistic show Chinese out put has decreased dramatically. Not only has the out put decreased the manufacturing rate is down as well.

Militarily, China matters about as much as Brazil for the global economy. It is a medium-rank military power, and it exerts no political pull at all. China matters most for the West because it can make mischief, either by threatening its neighbors or assisting anti-Western forces further afield. These are problems, they will be more manageable

if the West retains some sense of proportion about China\'s importance. The United Nations are falling over themselves for the right to lose money in the China market.
Why don’t they all over estimate the importance of China? China has lied about their modern economic data; even the Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji distrusts it. So in conclusion China doesn’t matter, the sooner everyone realizes it the sooner we can take interest in a county that actually helps us economically and militarily.