Descriptive Essay

Per. 1 Creative Writing

Sunday, October 01, 2000

For the past seven summers of my life, I have spent two glorious weeks at an incredible overnight camp called YMCA Camp Belknap. It is on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee in rural Tuftonboro, New Hampshire. There are many things that I could have chosen to write my descriptive essay about at the camp, since it is such an astonishing place. My first thought was to write about the drafty, rustic Belknap green cabins that we stay in, with the confined living quarters and putrid bunk odors, but decided to do it on a mind-blowing piece of art at camp. This piece of art was created for an ancient camp ceremony called woodcraft, which was created by Earnest Thompson Seaton, many moons ago. It is called Wakonda, and it symbolizes God.
Ropes, tied to sturdy tree trunks, suspend this powerful god, hanging stories above the members of the tribal council every Sunday night at woodcraft. The inducted members, or new braves, with their colorfully painted faces and genuine Native American garments, pledge themselves to live life for the overlooking Wakonda. Woodcraft combines messages of moral and environmental awareness, with guiding maxims such as "Be brave; courage is the noblest of all attainments" and "Be friend to all harmless wildlife; conserve the trees and flowers, and especially be ready to fight wildfire, in forest or in town," in hopes of forming each camper into a better citizen, of higher moral fiber, as well as being more environmentally responsible.

Wakonda is made of wood, and took many hours to construct. His fiery red face intimidates people who don’t understand him, but drives off any danger that campers may fear. His white line of war paint that goes over his nose gives off a warfare type personality that controls all. His beady black eyes see all, even when no one is around. The black wrinkle marks on top of his head give him age, and a sense of paternal mood. He has no emotion coming from his poker face. This gives him a sense of the unknown to campers. Finally, his eyebrows give him a possibility of seriousness by them being tilted inwards towards the nose. His majestic presence instills a sense of serenity in each and every blissful camper during the day, and fills their utmost dreams at night.