The park is a place that one can go to get away and enjoy nature. There are four entrances to the fun activities enjoyed in the park. Some of those activities include golf, soccer, basketball, tennis, fishing, playground activities, feed ducks, or even swing on the swinging bench by the running river. Many people have parties and family reunions. It is a place where all walks of life are joined together in harmony to enjoy the beauty of nature around them.

The green grass is plentiful and can be seen everywhere through out the park. There are several ponds located in the park, but because of the over flow of ducks, geese, and swans, they tend to have a pungent odor and smell of bird waste. There are still points through the park where water is clean and can be enjoyed by park goers. The running stream that goes beside the park is a place where children play and look for shells. They slide down the moss covered dam on inflated tires. Tickles in their bellies can be felt as their laughter fills the air. Some of the older more courageous teenagers can be seen jumping from the fifteen foot trestles. Their excited screams are muffled by the roaring water below.

The activity is everywhere in the park. Conversation fills the covered picnic area and the smiles and laughter can be seen by all who pass. The smell of the barbeque pits being fired up for hamburgers, hotdogs, and chicken aroma drifts through the air.

“Happy birthday to you,” a common melody at the park by people having birthday parties and barbeques in the picnic areas. Long lost relatives are reunited at family reunions. Hugs and tears can be seen as they meet children, converse, and take pleasure in each others company.

The trees in the park are old and taller than skyscrapers. The varieties of elm, maple and other trees can be seen this time of year shedding leaves of amber, fiery reds, yellows, and oranges. On the trees, bushy, tailed squirrels race up and down in search of food for winter. Their hearts can be seen as they try to be as inconspicuous as possible. When the wind blows, you can hear the leaves rustle and watch them fall to the ground. When you walk through the park, the leaves crunch beneath your feet. The scatter leaves with their bright colors are like walking on the canvas of a beautiful artist’s painting. The ducks are friendly and have no problem walking right up and eating bread form the hands of the people feeding them.

Across the bight, blue, metal painted bridge where the children play are a colorful array of playground equipment and the sounds of playing children sliding on slides and swinging on swings. To the right are train tracks where an occasional train excites the playing children. As the loud engine roars by, the conductor lets the siren sound and the faces of the children light up and they wave as the train passes. Passed the playground to the left and the train to the right is a small quaint restaurant where tired golfers and tennis players go to enjoy lunch. Across from the restaurant are more barbeque pits and the smell between the two is heaven and could make anyone’s stomach growl. The children playing on the playground can still be heard from here. Their flushed faces can be seen where the chilly wind has reddened their faces. Dogs run about fetching sticks and marking their territory.

The beautiful array of colors and activities make the park a recreational get-away not too far from home. One can relax and step out of the city world and enjoy nature, whether it is for one hour or one day. The inviting colors and animals, wild and domestic, make the park all that much enjoyable. It’s a place where both city living and nature meet.