Democrats vs. Republicans

September 13, 2003

Civics Essay – Period 3

Our world has an abundance of issues and our nation shares some of them. The majority of these world issues are felt right here in the US. These issues are found across the nation in busy hospitals, tiny clinics for pregnant women, locked cupboards of a family’s house, corners of the teachers lounge, alters in a church, the cold and barren cells on death row of a prison, in a Petri dish of a genetic lab, and right in the offices of the Pentagon itself. It is up to two political parties to decide if they are for or against any of these issues. The democratic side of these issues appeals to me more than the republican side. The democrats are for genetic engineering, are pro choice for abortion, assisted suicide, gun control, and same sex marriages. However, they are against the death penalty and the republicans are for it, as well as I am.

Genetic engineering is a very sophisticated way of “removing” diseases or abnormalities even before a child is born in a Petri dish. It can help to identify potentially debilitating illnesses or inherited disorders, and for determining the sex of the baby to allow parents carrying a sex-linked disorder gene to reproduce without passing it to their children. Some republicans argue about diseases that appear late in life but still allow forty to sixty years of productive life, such as Huntington’s. But wouldn’t it be better if the person didn’t have to suffer at all and not pass these hereditary genes onto his or her children? Democrats think that if it’s all right to use effective medical treatments to cure a forty year old with Alzheimer’s, it’s all right to prevent the person from getting it in the first place. This new technology is very helpful to our future children and will help inherited diseases to be stopped in its tracks.

Abortion is the most controversial issue in our nation and one that has many arguments, for and against. In the democratic view, abortion is given to women as a choice while in the republican view, it is seen as a set in stone “no” answer. They believe that the baby should have a say. But if this is entirely true, then why are republicans against assisted suicide? Fully able adults are given the choice to keep on living or die, and if they say that they want to die, republicans are against this too. Most democrats will agree that killing a baby is all out wrong, but it is the woman’s choice for her child and her child’s future life.

Assisted suicide is a last resort for most people who are terminally ill that can decide if they want to keep on living or, by the help of a physician, to die. Right now, this is only legal in Oregon because of how controversial this topic is. Republicans think that helping someone commit suicide (even if they are terminally ill), is a crime. However, the democrats see this as a choice. People who are have tremendous pain, such as those with certain types of cancer, have the choice to end it. Albert Schweitzer, a physician and humanitarian, said this about assisted suicide, “We all must die. But if I can save someone from days of torture, that is what I feel is my great and ever new privilege. Pain is a more terrible lord of mankind than even death itself.” The only way to cross the line for this issue is to actually kill the person who doesn’t want to die or their families ask the physician to do it for the ill person. The choice must remain the persons.

Same sex marriages in the democratic view are seen as a possibility while the republicans say no because of the constitution. In the early part of the 19th century, marriage was a legally sanctified contract of mutual support between two consenting non-Afro-American adults of opposite gender. Afro-Americans were prohibited from marrying. Marriage in the US has also been an issue for mixed race couples. It was only after the US Supreme Court’s decision in 1967 to allow mixed race couples to marry anywhere in the