American society is based on a democracy, where the people elect the representative that will be in power to govern, whoever gets the more votes wins. The article by Eric Gomez explains how the people are not really the ones making those representatives win but the interest groups and bureaucracy behind it. I can see how some groups help the candidates with money for those to have a better campaign but I do not agree with him when it comes to saying the decision is made by these groups. I think people still makes the decision whether they are going by who has more advertisement on T.V or by their own belief, is the people who decide who will be in power. I believe elections are fair and whoever is in power has won thanks to a fair election because the people has the voice and are the ones who elected this representative. In any case that people is not electing the "right" candidate, for say, after the voted for a representative and later on during their mandate they are not satisfied by this representative, well I think this is now that person's fault. Representatives are subject to say what they are willing to do for the country and how are they going to help it by doing what. If a person gives them their vote is because they agree with the representative and want to see him in power. So, if later this person regrets his choice, I believe he should not complaint about it. He could have educate himself better to vote for whoever he believed was the best and in case that person didn't win at least he will know he tried. Now, capitalism; it has worked so far, hasn't it? I don't understand why Eric would describe it as if it was something bad. Adam Smith gave this society a gift with his theory of the "Invisible hand" the opportunity for Americans to have a fair competition among one another providing the customer the option to decide what product they prefer and rather buy. Yes, of course some get wealthier than others, but anyone has the opportunity to work hard and become as wealthy as they want because this great country in where we live allows it. I think a person can go as far as they want to go. It is hard work, but at the end is worth it, so why wouldn't anyone want to live in a capitalist system? If everything was equal for all and we would have all got the same amount of money than it wouldn't be a democracy or a capitalist system, we would end up being a socialist/communist system, and who wants that? You give people what they deserve and they make themselves valuable for how much they do and they know. I come from a country where education is very expensive; here everyone has the opportunity to educate themselves to become better to be whatever they want to be. I seriously do not understand how there are people on the streets with 25 years holding a sign saying "need help" I mean they are young, they are born in this country have the language why not work? Every time I go out I see many "now hiring signs" why are these people not taking those opportunities? Some people are just lazy, and conformist, they don't want to become better, to do better. Why complaint about the system, and about those who are making good money? Wealthy people have work hard to be where they are, we should do the same instead of be complaining and asking for change, when the change is within ourselves. The article talks about how democracy and capitalism are so different from each other, I think one compliments the other, thanks to a great capitalism system that is in a way manage and empowered by those in power is that this country is one of the world powers. Without the people that are in charge, we wouldn't be able to have what we have, to acquire things so easily, to have the opportunity to study and to work. People that thinks there