Death of A Solicitor

There are many reasons why DOAS is so popluar among people and why it is the greatest peice of drama ever. One of the reasons is because anyone can relate to the story. the parts people can relate to are the normal everyday parts not everyone is in a war and is in love with someone on the other side but everyone get depression from work and sometimes feels overwhelmed with life\'s problems.


When the salesman cheats on his wife his son stops loving his dad. Cheating happens all the time in relationships and has devastaing effects on children.


The lies that he makes are wrong but in a sense good to his family and this relates to many in the work force because I can remeber my dad telling me when he was laid back that they offered him a better position for more money and that everything would be alright, even though he knew nothing of the sort had happened and he was just lying to give everyone hope for the future.


The borther who haunts him is another everyday thing that people can relate to because everyone has had that oppertunity that if they took it they wouldnt be in the position that they are in. For example if i would have been at my friend\'s house when I was supposed to comeover I could have met Michal Jordan.


How many times have people been let down by their fathers, by their mothers by anyone in their family. Many times have I been let down my dad and when I saw biff let down by his dad cheating I was reminded of all the time my dad let me down.


When he got the money from his brother he wouldn\'t take it due to his pride but he knew he needed it so he took it while his pride was hurt. How many times have people asked for loans from banks they told they didnt need their money from.