Death of a Saleman

In thinking about Linda, the role of women during the 1940’s and 1950’s was extremely low. Women in thus decade felt as if they were trapped in their relationships because divorce or leaving your family and husband was highly looked down upon. Women of this time got married at a very early age. They were only taught the basics of living and not well educated at all. These mostly were, cooking, cleaning, and raising a family. The men of this era usually drank, never helped around the house, because that was her job. The men basically just brought home the money. Since the men worked for the money, women did not have any except for the groceries and other bills. Since the women were not well educated they most could not find jobs, nor did they really want too. Working women was also looked down upon in that time frame.

We believed that Linda did know that Willy was having an affair with another woman. The other woman was a complete opposite of what Linda was, which is why we believed that Willy kept on seeing her. The other woman was young, worked, and she was pretty, compared to Linda who was always lower than Willy. Willy always was telling Linda to shut up, implying that women should be seen and not heard. Then when Biff came home to visit, Willy shoved his affair into the closet, meaning that she was not to be seen or heard, she was their just for Willy. Though Willy does relate to them just the same, with stockings. The working women is just there for the stockings, but Linda in their “because she must stay.” After Willy’s death though, we believed that Linda felt a sigh of relief. She felt free she was her own women and that she was not going to be suppressed anymore by her husband. She stated that she would not marry again, even though that was looked down upon. People saw widowers as still married people and women that remarried were whores.