Death is the thing most people fear the most. I myself however do not,
death can mean a lot of things. To me death is a restraint on life, a barrier
which holds people from living life to its fullest. I hate being restrained,
being set boundaries. However death also deserves respect, because if you do not
respect death, you die, literally!
What causes death? Well, there are a lot of things that cause death.
Disease, old age, Natural and un-natural occurrences, and suicide. The focus of
this essay is to tell my views on the leading cause of death. What is the
leading cause of death? I believe it is AIDS.
AIDS, Acquired Immune Deficiency, is the disease that renders the body\'s
immune system unable to resist invasion by several microorganisms that cause
serious infections. AIDS is transmitted by blood, through intimate sexual
contact, from infected mothers to their babies in the uterus, and perhaps
through infected mother\'s milk.
Currently there is no cure for AIDS, however research is showing hopeful
signs. Research has made breakthroughs the past years and have come up with ways
to slow things down, but not cure AIDS.
There are many ways to prevent AIDS. I believe the leading way is
abstinence. No sex until your sure of your sexual partners past sexual history
should you consider sex. If you must have sex then have safe sex. Safe sex
includes using any instrument or object which does not allow bodily fluids to be
exchanged. Preventing AIDS is something we all can do. No one is forced to have
sex (unless raped), no one is forced to do drugs with infected needles and no
one wants it, so people should get smart and wake up! AIDS, say it, think it
over in your head, AIDS will kill people, and AIDS will kill you.
Death and AIDS go hand in hand. However we all must be optimistic for
the future of everyone. As well as being optimistic one must be understanding
for all those who have AIDS, we are only human.

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