Dear ___:

I’m very sorry for being late to class today. I cannot believe what I just did. It was amazing! To tell you the truth, I just came back from another galaxy with some aliens who are from “γStar Cluster”. Actually, I should not tell you about it, but today was just so special that I have to tell you. I became a hero by saving the whole solar system. Even though it is a long story, I will still retell it, because you will be famous in the near future for you are my teacher and have known me for a long time. Ok, let’s get to the point.

This morning, I woke up as usual at 4 o’clock, human time. Then I checked the whole solar system if there were any bad aliens around. All of a sudden, I found that there was a small point moving towards the sun. Thus, I sent a message to my friend who was in Mercury. They immediately sent a message back to me. The message said that it was a star warship from another galaxy, and that they wanted to possess the sun as well as the whole human race. I thought that they might be crazy. In the whole universe everyone knows that I am the chairman this year and have the power to control our solar system. Then, I realigned the solar system safe and away from the possibility of a star war. I decided to have a meeting with the enemy. Therefore, I flew to Mercury. After 1 hour, human time. We held the meeting in Mercury. The meeting was not going very well and in the end they still wanted to conquer the solar system even though I offered the our energy resources for free. Finally, I made a big decision. I decided to have a war once and for all. The rules are if they can beat us, they could have the power and we will obey them. If not, they must leave our solar system. The war was held in a place full of machines: That was a virtual environment where we use real guns, knives and bombs. We were known as the CT team and were the T team. There was a nuclear arms storehouse in Mercury and they were required to find it and use the C4 bomb to destroy it while our team had to try to stop them by killing them all before they destroyed the storehouse. 5 minutes later, the war started and I had chosen a very challenging site for the war known as “Dust 2”. We were in a scrap factory which way in started form under a bridge opening. Time passed quickly. Our team lost 9 teammates, which meant that I was the only one left. When I checked my microcomputer which was in my glasses, I found that they still had 5 members left. That was bad news for me. How can I kill 5 enemies? Actually, I did in the end. I used a grenade and killed 2 enemies who were guarding the back of a big gate. Then, I sniped two enemies at one time, because they were standing in a straight line in front of me. At last, when I tried to kill the last enemy who was in front of me, I found that I had freshed out of all my bullets. All of sudden, I remembered that there was a knife at the side of leg. My left hand instinctively found it and threw it towards my enemy’s head. He died of course and the war ended. We then all got out of the virtual environment. We had won! I killed all the enemies and they were defeated. After 5 minutes, human time, our enemies left. Oh, I really felt very tired at that time, but I felt happy inside. I saved our solar system and all the other planets. After a while, the previous chairman of the universe sent a message to me. He congratulated me and said that he will support me to be the chairman 400 years latter. I then replied saying thank you. (See! I am so polite.) All