I Promise not to do drugs because I know that if I do drugs A. Nobody
will like me except people that do drugs (druggies). Also I\'d rather be drug-
free than a druggie.
I\'ve learned a lot in Dare. First of all, I always have someone to talk
to for all of my problems. Like when I have family, friend or any trouble, I can
talk instead of having it bottled up inside of me. In Dare, I learned that there
is more stuff to do instead of smoking. Like for instance, My friend and I are
starting a street hockey league. We have about twenty-six kids signed up. This
league will give kids who either ignored Dare or didn\'t have Dare a chance to
find out that there\'s stuff you can do for your self like stay physically fit &
staying off drugs. I have also learned that not many kids in Cutler Middle
School don\'t do drugs.I always thought that when I got into middle
school,everybody is going to force me to do drugs.
I should avoid violence because I could have a risk,depending on the
situation,of getting myself killed!
There\'s another big thing. Consquences. Conquences are either good or
bad. Like if I were to tag a building,I could get arrested or become an outcast
from all my friends. If I was to help a senior citizen, I would feel pretty good

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