Dangers That Might Result From Being So Optimistic About Human Progress And "Enlightenment".

Many dangers can arise from being so optimistic about human progress and enlightenment. One danger that may arise is that of disappointment. When the realization sets in that humans will never establish as ability to overcome such things as death and disease (Condercet\'s belief), people may very well begin to wonder what they are living for. When the fact that a true Enlightenment will never be reached the human race may very well become depressed.
Depression, in turn, will lead to further problems. Many of these problems could become very serious. An example of this could be found in a personal story about one of my friends. My friend "Mike" had everything going for him. To the outside world, things looked perfect, yet this was not true. Mike began to go into a depression and become suicidal. This an extreme case, but is a real outcome if this optimistic view of human progress.
This ever-growing desire for freedom may also cause problems. With everyone in search of freedom, the human race may very well become hard to manage. A revolt against the governing authorities could very easy arise. This, too, will be a situation that can get out of hand. When the people begin to revolt there will be no controlling method. This will cause a possible fall in existing government and a possible rise of an undesired government.
An example of a overwhelming desire to be free is shown by that of the Irish Republic Army. They felt as though their freedom should be the main value in their society. This desire led to a revolt against the Irish government. Although the Irish Republic never were successful in their revolt, the lives of many innocent people were lost.
Sometimes human\'s desire to gain knowledge about themselves and the world leads to a lot of trouble. A pursuit of complete knowledge will actually lead to an undesired outcome, rather than that of the expected happiness.

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