Cultural Revolutionaries

October 18, 2004

English III Pd 5

“We the modified hold that we are a distinct sub cultural group with an established history and way of life. We take part in these activities and perform these body modifications for the betterment of ourselves, of our peers, and of the world in general. Piercing, tattoos, scarification, and other modifications are active political protest and lead to positive cultural reform. We demand the right to treat our bodies as our own, and we strongly urge all to do the same,” is the opening line and greatest argument that ManWoman holds true in the book, Homesick for Eternity. Even now in an age of great liberal tolerance, those of us that are in the modified community are not allowed to treat our bodies as we want or obtain positions of “power” according to our appearance.

I have heard it all before as I walk down the street or any other public place; “Freak!” “Weirdo!” “What the fuck would you do that for?” “Faggot!” “What does your family think of that?” “In my day I knew how to present myself in public.” “Don’t you know what you are doing to your body?” “You know young man when you [pierce your body] you are allowing evil into your body?” “How can anyone find that beautiful?” Now these are all valid opinions, but when those “people” try to take away my rights as an American citizen to do and act unto my body I start to get offended by them. Right now in 20 states in this “great country” of ours, sub incisions of the tongue are illegal on the state level? Did you also know that as we speak here together, many God-fearing brainwashing groups are trying to outlaw the entire practice of piercing other than in the lobes of our ears? The hatred does not only stop there. Favored columnist “Dear Abby” ran a story of how tongue piercing will definitely lead to heart problems. And I quote “I warn my readers that tongue studs can lead to endocarditic, requiring surgery to replace damaged heart valves, as well as other health problems. Not only do these otherwise healthy young people have to endure this major surgery, but they also face having to take blood thinners for the rest of their lives or having their prosthetic valve replaced every 15 to 20 years.” Number one Dear Abby has no right to say that her way is correct and that our way is wrong. Just because we do not fit your consensus does not mean that our way of live is wrong. Number two. Abby probably created her “master opinion” off of one extraneous case that she found in the depths of the Internet.

From my experiences in the whole modification community I have found nothing wrong in what people do to their bodies. As an example I will use a woman named Allison who is heavy into the community of body modification. She had many piercings and when I asked her for her reason she told me this, “I do not perform my modifications for you, I do them for me. They make me beautiful and who I am as a person.” Now her reasoning matches how many women explain their use of cosmetics to appear more attractive. So basically body mod is just another way that we as humans better out appearance to be more physically pleasing.

In closing I restate the fact that if this country is really founded on freedom, life, liberty, and justice, then we should be able to treat our bodies as we see fit. Because if we take away our personal expression then you take away our personalities.