Cruelty in Literature

There are many examples of cruelty
in literary works. Literary works
such as plays, novels, films, short
stories, and poetry. One may believe
that cruelty is a way of life. Cruelty
is included in great works of
literature such as The Crucible, The
Scarlet Letter, Bartleby, The Red
Badge of Courage, The Last of the
Mohicans, Lottery, Dr. Heidigger’s
Experiment, Redburn, Angel of
Death, Gold Bug, The Tell-tale
Heart, and Night. The following is an
explanation of the cruelty and the
result of it.

In the Last of the Mohicans, there
are many acts of cruelty displayed.
For example, The bad Huron Indian
Magma makes the English troops
walk right into a war party trap. As a
result of this action, The English
troops fought every Indian in the war
party, but three Mohicans killed
most of the Huron. Another example
would be when Monroe won’t let the
militia go back to the frontier to
defend their families. As a result,
Nathaniel helped the people who
wanted to leave, escape. Another
example would be when the Huron
Indians killed Uncas. In turn, Alice
threw herself off a cliff because she
loved him so much. Another
example would be when the French
told the Huron not to attack the
American troops again. As a result,
the Huron attack the American
troops anyway. Theses various
counts of cruelty show that the
Huron Indians are a cruel people.

In The Red Badge of Courage there
also are many acts of cruelty
displayed. For example, Henry runs
away from battle. In turn, Jim and
the rest of the company got wounded
and some died. Another example
would be when the red coats
attacked the Americans. As a result,
Henry ran away again. Another
example would be when the generals
were laughing about the win. In turn,
Henry overheard them and thought
he was celebrating about something
he didn’t help in and was treating the
entire war as a game. Another
example would be War itself. As a
result, Henry gets war fever and runs
in front of the line, in a suicide
attempt. Another example would be
when Henry was asking for help
from a running solider, the solider hit
Henry with the butt of his rifle. In
turn, Henry was knocked out and
left for dead. Unlike the Huron, the
red coats and their own men are the
cruel ones. One of the solider on his
side actually strikes Henry, which
knocks him out. This movie also
illustrates cruelty from a 3rd party,
the generals are not involved directly
yet cause cruelty.

In Bartleby, there are many
occurrences of cruelty. For example,
Bartleby wouldn’t leave the office.
As a result, many people get mad.
Another example would be when
Bartleby’s old boss moved out of the
office. In turn, the new owner came
back to his old boss and said get rid
of him. Another example would be
when Bartlteby is told to leave the
office again. As a result, he refuses
to leave and is thrown in jail.
Another example would be when no
one in society understands Bartleby.
In turn, he is thrown in jail to die.
Another example would be while he
is in jail the food man asked him if
he wanted to eat. As a result,
Bartleby said, "I prefer not to," and
starves to death. Bartleby was trying
to survive when society came into
his life, which cause him to get put in
jail. For the sole reason that they
didn’t understand him.

In the Lottery there are many
examples of cruelty. For example,
the town made each male of the
family pull a ballot out of the box. In
turn, whoever had the ballot with the
black dot was the selected family.
Then the lottery decided which
family member was to die. Another
example would be when the town
required every family to draw from
the lottery to decide who was to be
sacrificed. As a result, the town’s
people killed Tessy. The town as a
whole committed this cruelty simple
because they thought that it would
help their harvest. Which shows how
barbaric the town’s people actually

In Dr. Heidigger’s Experiment there
is an example of cruelty. The act of
cruelty is Dr. Heidigger offers them
water from the fountain of youth. In
turn, all four people went back to
their old and cruel ways. By offering
them the water from the fountain of
youth Dr. Heidigger is being cruel
towards the four. Since they didn’t
know any better.

In the poem Angel of Death by
SLAYER there are many events of
cruelty described from the holocaust.
For example, Auchwitz is where all
the Jews that were unsuitable for
working. As a result, they used
showers that were airtight to trick
the Jews into going into the shower,
but instead of water they spurted
poisonous gas. Another example
would be when the Jews were
treated as if they were cattle. In turn,
they were stripped out of their life’s
worth. Another example