Creative Writing

Dustin Conn
English per2

A few years back I noticed something weird about my Aunts dog Dusti which was named after me and was born the same year as me and somehow acts like me. It was December of 1996 around the 12th or 13th about a year after my mom died, my senses were rather open and I was observing everything and just pretty much sitting around thinking that\'s when I noticed it. My Aunts dog was like my shadow it would follow me everywhere I went and when I laid down so would he, when I was hungry he would wine and snivel until someone, which that someone generally was me gave him some food of their plate.
My Aunt and Uncle were down for Christmas and they were going to stay into January, they are from California right below San Diego in a little town called Joshoua Tree and down there they never get snow so they come up here even though we usually never get snow on Christmas, but still they hope. They always bring their little dog Dusti every where they go unless they canít bring him like their trip to Hawaii, it was just too hot for the old dog.
The little dog was my shadow he was exactly like me in his actions but thankfully for me not in looks he seemed to follow me around and immitate me, he was like a son to me always eager to pick up on something I did that looked fun, there is one time that sticks in my mind the clearest. It was about a week before Christmas and we were just starting to decorate the house with lights and ribbons and giant candy canes and the smell of the Douglas fir in our living room told you it was getting close, that night I decided to watch all the movies that were on and that little dog immitated every movement that I did. About an hour into the first movie I got kind of hungry and he did his usual routine except he jumped into one of our bar stools, he is only a miniature poodle not weighing over 15 pounds so you can imagine the chore of him jumping into the stool. I thought it a little strange for him to be up there but I didnít let it bother me I was only making top raumen, I proceeded to boil the water as I did this the dog climed down and since I left the cupboard open he walked into it and drug out a little sauce pan similar to mine only different in color, he gave me this strange look like he wanted me to fill it with water. I took the pan from the dog and was filling it with water when he appeared on the counter with a pack of Top Raumen hanging out of his mouth I thought to myself ďoh god the dog wants me to cook him a bowl of noodles tooĒ. After the pan filled I put it on the burner beside mine, I placed my noodles into my pan and was waiting for Dustiís to start boiling when I noticed he had tore the package open and was waiting for the same thing I was, he started to go and test the water every few seconds until it met his standards then he dropped his package of noodles in I was in such amazement that I boiled my noodles too long and they were mushy but I figured I could just share with the little dog after all his stomach was only about as big as a half of package and I knew a full package would fill me up. I guess the dog could tell time because he started whining and barking when he wanted me to take the pan off the burner, I went ahead and put the flavoring in for him and divided it into two bowls.
I walked out towards the couch and placed his bows on the floor but that wouldn\'t do for him I had to set it beside me on the couch for him to even smell it.