Creative Writing: The Case of the Broken Hutch

I would like to write a story about a conflict I had with a past boss.
It had to deal with the fact that he did not want to hear my side of the story,
and listen totally to the customer. This has affected my life and the way I
work with my co-workers to this present date. I work at a home rental store,
we rent furniture, electronics, household appliances, and computers. We rent
practically anything that you can put in your house. We are the largest rent to
own company in the United States and in the United Kingdom. We currently have
over 1,100 stores and we have about 30,000 employees. I starte'd to work for the
company because I was going to junior college and needed a job to pay the bills.
At the time I was hired I lived with my parents and had car payments and credit
card payments. So I needed enough money to pay for the car and the cards. Also
in about a year I would be moving out into an apartment of my own, and I also
would be started to attend Sacramento State. I pay for my own schooling either
out of my pocket or by getting student loans.

When I first started working for this company they were short handed and
all the employees at the store I started at were new to each other. That is
they had worked for the company at other stores but had not worked together. I
was hired when the manager went to his yearly manager meeting in Reno.
When I was hired I was hired on as a delivery driver. The delivery driver is
responsible for all of the deliveries and pick-ups of store merchandise. The
only training that I received were two videos. One video was on "Smith's Safe
Driving Techniques", and the other was "In-Home Deliveries and In-Store
Deliveries". Through working with the company I learned many new things. We
got the newest and latest electronic equipment and computers, so I had to stay
on top of technology. All of this training I did by myself, no one helped me
out and no one looked over my shoulder. I have always been able to grasp new
concepts and run with them, so learning new items were fun and interesting.
Also through working with the company I learned that they had a big turn-over
ratio of employees. Employees were either get tired of working a 50 hour work
week, or they would have no chance for advancement. When I first was hired
there was no Market Manager of our area, so any comment that could not be
answered by our manager, we could not get from the next higher person.

About 6 months after I started to work we finally got a Market Manager
from Chicago. His name was Bob, he was a short, stocky build, Italian with an
attitude that he was the best. All the stores in the area went through
introducing periods, were he would come into the stores and introduce himself
and see where all the stores were performing. Bob had his position for about 6
months after he had moved to Sacramento. Like all other companies ours went
through a down-sizing. One of the first things that the company did were to
change our seven markets down to six markets, that meant that one of the market
managers had to lose there job. So the one that just received his job had to
give up his job, that was Bob. The same time that this down-sizing was
happening, they had just opened up a new store in the Sacramento area, and our
manager was the one to open it up. So instead of firing Bob they gave him the
management of my store. Since they had moved him over here and did not give him
much time on the job, they let him keeps the salary of a market manager.

The hardest thing in accepting Bob was that he was our market manager,
and now we have to accept him as our manager. Even though we try not to hate
our bosses, we tend not to like them that much and that works double for an even
higher boss. It is not that Bob was a bad guy, it just that he was our boss and
most co-workers do not like their bosses. Once Bob got to the store we had
to go through