Creative Story: Joel\'s Dream

Joel was sitting in the airport lounge, sipping his mineral water, when the
tanoy came on," BA flight two-six-one to Milan is now boarding. Please make your
way to departure gate three, Thank you."
" That\'s me! See you later Shaz, I\'ll phone you when I get there !"
" See you Joel, hope everything goes okay!"
After exchanging kisses, Joel picked up his bags and heads off through the
Departures corridor and to the plane.
Joel was possibly the best talent to come out of Scotland for years. He
could play football with such style and skill, this was why he had been offered
the most lucrative deal for a Scottish player ever. AC Milan, arguably the
greatest team in the world had offered him a deal which would see him earn more
than 40000 a week. This would make him the highest paid player in Europe and
accelerate him to the top of world football.
He was due to meet the manager on Monday to discuss the terms of his
contract and if all went well he would sign for Milan and fulfill his dream of
being a star footballer and also make his wife Sharon very very happy. Sharon
was a gold digger and was after Joel for his money, but she did stick by him,
they had been married for two years and if Joel got the contract Sharon would be
able to move to Milan and have everything and have everything she desired. So
obviously she was very determined to see this deal go through.
After arriving at the hotel Joel settles in and unpacks before going to
the Milan training camp to meet the players and his (hopefully) new manager,
Roberto Ravelli.
" Hello! I\'m Erigo I will be your guide while you are in Italy. I\'m sorry if
my English is no good but I am still getting lessons. Anyway welcome to Italy!!
Anywhere you want to go I will take you."
" Oh thanks but I just want to meet the players then go back to the hotel and
get some rest."
" I understand it has been a long flight and you need to rest."
" Yeah maybe we can go somewhere tomorrow or something!" said Joel who was
getting a bit bored of talking and just wanted to get home and sleep.
" OK then it\'s a date," replied Erigo." But I\'ve been instructed to take you
on a tour of the stadium before you go!"
" Can\'t we do this tomorrow?" Said Joel tiredly.
" No I\'m sorry I must do as I have been instructed.
" Okay but lets make it quick."
After his tour Joel went back to his hotel for some well needed sleep. As
he was lying there he began to drift away into a dream, thinking about the
stadium he had been in barely an hour ago and the players he had just met. His
dream of being a professional football player was so close to coming true and
Joel was overjoyed about it, so much so that he barely got a wink of sleep that
The next morning Joel was up really early to meet Erigo at 8:00pm before
driving to Milan\'s stadium, newly named the \'San Siro Stadium\', for his meeting
with the manager and the board. The managers office was massive, as Joel
stepped inside he was stunned. Trophies filled the room on all sides. There
was a massive marble desk in the middle of all these trophies and sitting at the
desk was the manager, Roberto Ravelli and sat next to him were the ten members
of the AC Milan Board, including the Chairman multi-millionaire Geirmund Zeige.
These people were legends to him. He had never been so excited in his life.
" Ah, Joel please sit down," said Mr. Ravelli invitingly.
" Thanks," replied Joel, who was still partly in shock.
"I\'ll make this quick," said Mr. Ravelli," I\'ve made you a very good offer and
I hope that you will agree to play for us."
" Em what? So do I just sign?"
" Well I\'ll finalize things today and you\'ll have your medical tomorrow
afternoon, but, enough of this business talk. Tonight is celebration time!
I\'ve organized a party with all the players tonight and I would be delighted if
you could attend!" asked Mr. Zeige.
" Yes I\'d be delighted