Creative Children’s Ministry

Here is an outline of the major facts and issues of Creative Children’s Ministry. In

addition, this report includes a recommendation of what Bob should do in the future to avoid

losing his association.


I. Bob

· Director of Creative Children’s Ministry.

· Responsible for presenting the Gospel of Christ to an audience within the ages of 5-12.

· Employs creative people to teach children.

II. Daily Routine

· Morning Devotions and planning of day.

· Scouting trips into the community by 3 teams of 3 people.

· Teams travel to parks or malls to attract parents and children.

· 3-hour afternoon sessions.

III. Yearly Routine

· Hires 4-5 people for part-time basis for weekend presentations.

· Work long hours.

IIII. Summer Time

· Volunteers are hired to travel throughout Ontario.

· They work with churches in small towns to bring the gospel to the people.

· The volunteers are self-funded.

· Staff has to pay a fee to work at the Ministry.

· Fees go to staff t-shirts and food when traveling.

· Costs while traveling are managed through a petty cash system.

· Team works together for meal preparation.

· Volunteers are untrained, but have one or more skills.


Since Bob is in a dilemma and needs assistance to avoid losing his organization he can use

management tips from a group of organizational study students. Some managerial decisions

that Bob should have thought of before opening up his business are, budget planning, decision

making, quality control, scheduling, promotional activities, evaluation, and feedback.

Budget planning plays an important role in a business. Budget is a financial statement that

projects income or expenditures over a specified future period of time. Bob should plan on the

organizations goals and objectives for a specific period of time, say next calendar year, and then

he can estimate the various costs the organization will incur. The costs the organization will

likely be on are food, transportation, gas money, training, promotion, materials, t-shirts etc.

Budget planning will assist Bob to be planned, unlike the petty cash system. Also, he would know

how much money he has and if he should spend it or not?

Decision making is the act of choosing one alternative from among a set of alternatives. This is

a superior method for Bob to sit down and solve problems with his team. Like this everyone

has a chance to speak their thoughts. First they should identify the problem or opportunity. For

instance should they travel throughout Canada with the petty cash system? Overlooking

situations will help organize or be prepared for the decisions to be made. After the problem has

been defined the next task is to generate alternatives. Bob should be open to fresh, innovative

ideas as well as more obvious answers. When the team meets up they can have discussions,

everyone having there own ideas and this way the team spirit will rise. After all alternatives have

been discussed, an agreement from the team members or Bob can make a suitable decision that

would satisfy the organizations and employee’s needs.

Quality control comes to mind because of the poor financial performance. This is where Bob

has to improve customer satisfaction by providing better customer service and showing

customers that the business really cares about them. Increasing employee participation can

happen when employees are allowed to contribute to decisions, develop self-managed work

teams, and assume responsibility and accountability for improving the quality of their work.

Strengthening supplier partnership, can lead to the right supplies on time at lower costs.

To ensure that resources are at the right place at the right time Bob needs a schedule. A

schedule will make Bob organized, save time, and planned out. A schedule of daily activities can

be posted up at churches this way parents and children who are interested can join. Promoting the program to churches, schools, people’s homes, would attract the publics

eye. This way whoever’s interested may come to the community to be involved. Advertising

can enhance a organizations image or reputation A positive public image helps an business to

attract not only customers, but also employees.

Bob should meet up with his team every week to evaluate how things are running. At this

meeting, problems, and complaints from parents or