Create A Society

Life On Planet Fuji
My name is Christi. I was born February 17, 1999. And I know I have been separated from my immediate family and selected to begin a new society on planet Fuji. I, along with four other children, was chosen to develop our new society into something livable. Our goal is a peaceful cohesive environment. I realize the opportunity I have to continue humanity is greater than mourning any losses; however, I will never forget the life I left behind. I have already shed many emotional tears for the loss of my mother, father and siblings. The memories I have will no doubt guide me into the future.
My directive, along with four others, is to develop a social system and incorporate all the colonists into this new society. I’ve met the other individuals as we were chosen to awaken first to plan and present our ideas to the colonists. We estimate several days to prepare a presentation and conduct a “town hall” type meeting. Our most critical task is to convince all that a democracy is the best option we have to survive. We all must feel included in what happens, else we stand the likelihood of a revolt. We have history to tell us where to go and what is right. We have been chronicled, by memory infusion, with all that has happened in societies past and know what we have to do to achieve an ideal society.
The five of us have already convened to discuss our society and where to start first. It is our intent to begin hierarchically with government, the ruling body for our society. Do we define roles and duties and conduct elections to fill these positions? Or, do we ourselves fill them? We have chosen to take the first route and conduct elections to appoint a minimal governing body. In order to paint a picture of ideal candidates we’ve chosen examples from history of successful leaders and will compare them with not so successful ones. Here we hope to define the characteristics involved in developing a leader for our society. The presentation will be in a slide format and viewed by all colonists. In addition to this leader or government head, there will need to be a legislative body in order to carry out all bills voted on and passed into law. This legislative body will be responsible for policing those individuals who choose to disrupt the law and create strife. All criminals will be dealt with immediately by the judicial body of government who in turn will enforce the law by sentencing time for various offenses. Terms will be determined by the offense. All violators will be punishable by serving these terms in prison. In turn they will serve as waste management personnel for our society here on Fuji.
Our next goal is to develop a means of commerce for the exchange of goods and services. In order for the society to prosper and grow it is imperative that all colonists are assigned a trade or craft that best suits them. They in turn will become proficient at producing the product or service and selling to all of society. Legislation will restrict pricing to a moderate amount for affordability to all households. No doubt competition will also provide for pricing control.
A social services branch of society will develop a means for caring for the injured or ill who are temporarily or no longer able to produce or provide a service for the society. This social services branch will have controls in place to assess the validity of any claims presented against working and be able to act on false claims. Additionally, this branch will create a task force to investigate each claim owner to assess characteristics for other work in which to subsidize their living.
An agricultural branch will be assigned the task of developing a process for cultivating vegetation and mass producing for society’s food consumption. This branch will also maintain restrictions on hunting in order to preserve the different species present on Fuji. Additionally, all meats found to be of good nutritional content will be cultivated and bred for mass production and consumption.
A central bank will be established to