Country Research for the M-Tech Cell Phone

After reviewing our great Success in the American market we have decided to open up to foreign markets and see how our success will gain from this. The countries we have decided are Japan, Mexico, Russia. The following is research we have retrived from those countries.


In Japan technology is somthing that can be seen everywhere from the average home to the local bus stop and the Japanise market is a fast paced money market. While noticing local customs we have found out the Japanise have many local customs and the youth of Japan's custom is to have flashy phones with cool common ringtones and their idol's picture on the cell phone case.


Mexico is one big farm land that has vast amounts of land and many people with family in the United States Of America ,but a big problem is that there are very few ways to keep in touch with loved ones and if there are only the very rich can afford them. Launching a cheaper more affordable version of our M-tech here would make us millions.