Country life is much better than living in the city. Country living is
very peaceful. There are many advantages when living in the country.
Privacy is something you might not get in the city, but out in the country
the opportunity is there. You can let your dogs run free, with out having
to chain them up when youíre gone. When summer comes around there
are many things that you can do, like go fishing whenever, take a boat
ride , have a really huge garden, go bird watching or sit out on your
front porch and do it, and my favorite is building a nice camp fire and
telling ghost stories every weekend. I am sure there is a trillion other
things to do, but I havenít got that far yet. Neighbors are another
advantage to country living. The neighbors are few and far in-between.
Theyíre not just a sneeze away. With city life everyone knows your
business. In the country itís kind a different story. They only know
about it after you tell them. They donít beat down your door if your dog
is in there yard, cause usually they are to far for the dog to care about
whatís going on over there. They are more apt to help you when you
need something done and are unable to do it for your self. I think they
seem to be more friendlier then city folk. I liked the country cause it
donít have all the hustle and bustle that the city tends to have. I donít
have to worry about not getting out of my drive way cause the traffic is
backed up or a car coming every time you try to get out. I donít have to
worry about my kids getting ran over, the only thing I worry about
running over is a dog, skunk, squirrel, or some furry little animal without
sense to get out of the way. Country living is more set back, unless
youíre a farmer, which Iím not. It just seems there is more time to relax
and take a load off if you need to, without the worry of a salesman,
Jahova Witness, although a couple have located us, they donít seem to
stay if you open the door naked, or a hot rodder coming through your
window. Country life also has itís disadvantages. Snow. Snow is a big
problem for people that live in the country. Every year our lane gets
drifted over. With no other way to get out. That can be a problem if a
situation arises. I live along the Des Moines river, and I donít like the
word flood very well. There has been times where I wished I never lived
there. Purhapse a criminal is loose and comes to your house and your
either home or away, the nearest neighbor couldnít see what was taking
place, so in that case you better hope the dogs bark. We get alot of cars
that are just driving around and the come down our lane thinking itís a
through road, they just stop and turn around, after they see 3 dogs
chasing and barking at them. You can see most wild life out in the
country, where in the city some people have never seen a real cow. The
only trucks you get is either the milk truck or county truck. No real
worries about semiís tearin down the gravel road out here. Gravel roads
is another disadvantage. A car that travels on gravel gets tore up faster
then if it was used on the highway or paved road. So a person that lives
in the country might have more car repair bills then a city person.
Thereís less of a chance of your car getting stolen if you live out in the
country, but it does happen, just not as often as a car sitting on a city
street. There is more room for kids to play and get exercise compared to
city living, where you might have a back yard, if your lucky to have a
back yard. If you decide to build on or build a shed you donít have to
have permits to do it. In some cities you have to have these permits to
build a dog pen, or what ever you are going to build. In the country you
just do it.
I like country living better then city living. The country gives a
person sense of privacy, peacefulness, and