Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is it is how we view our work and ourselves. Loosely defined as the attitudes, behaviors and personalities that make up a company.

In today organizations that corporate culture is changing rapidly. As a new innovation, quality programs, fads and the business norm change, the culture of a company also changes.

As a new quality initiative is introduced into the market each organization takes hold of it and begins implementing some or all of its philosophies. These new ideas change the overall culture in one way or another. It sparks a new way of thinking and operating.

Also as the demographic make up of a company shifts, some of the managers are open to a more relaxed or a more strict culture.

Seagate has moved from a strict professional, business attire atmosphere to a casual business atmosphere. The majority of our sites here in the Oklahoma City area were formerly business offices with many members of upper management. Now have reduced the staff tremendously and resemble more of a manufacturing plant or a computer data center. We no longer entertain the Vice Presidents or major customers at our site. Anytime one of them arrives in town, they are entertained downtown in the fancier hotels and restaurants.

All of America has become more lax in their organizations cultures. We are not as driven to impress the customers or competition, we just want to out work them and take over their market share, etc. The over all appearance of the corporation is not as important as it use to be. Possibly this could be attributed to the society becoming more relaxed in the day-to-day life.

After looking at all of the article on the internet and taking a look at Seagate from the inside, Corporate Culture is best summed up with a quote from Jack D. Deal: Since people drive a business, corporate culture has become the vehicle to get to the desired destination.