Corn Snake

The corn snake should always have a tight and enclosed cage if not it would be easy for it to escape. You should have a large tank so that the snake can roam and exercise. The tank shouldn’t be less than 23 gallons. There should be enough holes so that the snake can get proper air. Corn snakes like to hide so there should be a lot of hiding places for it to go. Make sure that there is not enough room for two snakes to fit in the hiding space because snakes like to be in a tight close area. House temperatures are too high and can cause the snake to shed incompletely and dehydration. To keep the moisture in the cage you should cover some of the parts where the water can evaporate. There should be a sturdy water bowl so that the snake can drink. The water bowl should be replaced every 3 days so that there wouldn’t be any bacteria build up. Corns cages should be kept at should use heat tapes. For lights there should be fluorescent lights. There are extra nutrients in insects, seeds, and vegetation. If you would like to dip put the powdered nutrients on the animal or bug you want them to eat be sure that you put it on the rear end of the animal cause the snake would most likely not eat it cause the way they smell. Corn snake usually costs up to 120 dollars at Pet Palace.