The day they landed was the most horrible day I have ever been forced to live through.

* * *

The Soviet Union had begun to regroup. It was not immediately joined by the smaller and weaker nations that made up the northwestern region of the union.
The independent nations of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithua would not follow under communist rule again; they were willing to die for their freedom. The U.S.S.R was unable to persuade the remaining components to rejoin them in their conquest and they were hasty to declare war on their counterparts.
With war waging in Eastern Europe the United Nations took action. The leader of Russiaís communist party and president rejected the UNís cease-fire treaty. Russia was expelled from the United Nations early the next day.

The CIA agent, Newton, inched his way through the air conditioning make an effort to remain as quiet as possible. Once he reached the ventilator above the leaderís bedroom he unveiled his device, a new prototype developed by his agency. This devise would unscrew and disable any form of fastener. Using a laser divertor to abstract the laser alarm system path the agent lowered himself into the room.
Waiting for the man, a smaller man yet more powerful. The door creaked open slowly and an exhausted fat man entered. As soon as the door had been closed the fat manís throat had been gashed and he lay in a pool of his own warm blood.

The United States had volunteered to be a "cut-off" regiment. We would put pressure on Russia to remove their troops from Eastern Europe and detain their troops in Russia. If they failed to comply with this mandate we would have no choice but to supply aid to Eastern Europe.
My regiment was originally from the Southern California area; we were to be transported to San Francisco where we would rendezvous with a rather large concentration of military. From San Francisco we would be transported by carriers to the island of Hokkaido, specifically the town of Wakkanai. Our army would form a percent of the United Nations army along with Japan and England and launch an attack on a Russian city named Korsakov.
This was the plan as it stood, but when you are attacked on your own soil there are priorities to attend to.

Later that week the leader of Russia was assassinated in chambers. The assailant had entered through the overhead ventilator and slit the dictatorís throat. He had then fled through the window setting off a number of alarms and finally escaping by slaying three of the soldiers on guard.
Russia was appointed an inexperienced dictator, he was the defense ministerís secretary, his name was Josef Koslov. Koslov was rumored to be a man obsessed with genocide, he was brutal and restless.

* * *

"A very sloppy job, know who did it?" The Secretary of War asked one of his friends employed by the Central Intelligence Agency.
"Not a clue," he replied, "we suspect corrupted KGB. We know the IRA wouldnít get their nose in this."
"Are you positive it wasnít one of your guys?"
"PositiveÖThe Russians are going to have a fuckiní field day with this one, talk about an international incident. Weíre expecting trouble from everyone. Do you plan to attack the Russians on their own ground if we are attacked?"
"I donít see any good it would do, so long as their troops are removed. I am a man of peace and I feel our nation should also be," the Secretary of War replied as he entered his limousine returning to the White House.
Once the limousine was out of sight the CIA man whispered, "Get Ďim," into his watch. Mere seconds later an explosion rocked downtown Washington, DC.

With a new Secretary of War in office, a larger number of troops were ordered to be at San Francisco for rendezvous with a fleet to Northeastern Asia.
Koslov had launched a nuclear weapon from Moscow on Dublin, Ireland, in an attempt to eliminate the IRAís presence in the current state of war. It succeeded and killed more than three million innocent victims.

The soldiers who were sent to battle were not the ones who would face a living hell, those were the soldiers who would stay in America to defend our freedom. They would see great