Confucianism and Buddhism


How did Confucianism and Buddhism help Chinese society? These two religions influenced people to have a prefect life by having good behavior. Confucianism and Buddhism set many different standards to adjust people lives. There beliefs influence China and modify many people lives to make China a better society.

Confucianism had such a great impact on China civilization, in addition not only did Confucianism had such a great impact on China Civilization, but so did Buddhism. Confucius was the founder of Confucianism; however Buddha was the founder of Buddhism. These two religions both believed to two different beliefs that change china society. Confucianism believed that you showed always love and care for your parents and children, loyalty to the state, and honesty and trustworthiness. On the other hand Buddhism offered the hope of eternal happiness and its great request was guarantee escape from suffering. In addition Confucianism not only wanted loyalty to each other in China, he also wanted people to live a mortal life avoiding bad words and actions. However Buddhism stated five prohibitions one must not kill or rob, commit adultery, lie, or drink wine. These two religions expected peace to China civilization they expected the best form each other. If the China Society did not obey there rules, there would be a penalty on them.

Buddhism and Confucianism both impact China Society. They helped the people become more responsible and respectful towards each other. Confucianism taught how parents and children should have respect for one another, this help bring peace to Chinese civilization. On the other hand Buddhism helped advance Chinas printing techniques; he also set The Eightfold Path which is a set of instructions on the proper way people could end suffering. If it were not for these two religions china society would not have been as great as it was.

Confucianism and Buddhism both set a big goal to Chinese civilization these rules changed many people lives. It helps China become a better more successful and peaceful place. Learning about these two religions showed me many different rules and how it impact or effect. I now not only know about the Catholic and Christian religion, I successfully succeed learning about two different types of Ancient Chinese religion. Learning about Confucianism and Buddhism was a great experiences I enjoyed learning about it and it was two very interesting topics to write about.