Conformity of Students

Have you ever been looked down on because of what you’ve said or an idea that you’ve expressed? It happens everyday in a high school classroom and it makes most students feel stupid and embarrassed. What is the result of others looking down on or making fun of you because of what you’ve said? Sadly, because of this, most students stop expressing their opinions, ideas, and beliefs, to avoid ridicule. What is the result of keeping quite, not expressing your thoughts, and basically just going along with the crowd? You have a student body who all supposedly think the same way and are conformed to others beliefs. Therefore, today’s students tend to be conformist.

You find very few students who are actually bold enough to share there opinion or idea. Even the students who seem bold enough to share their thoughts most likely only share a little of what they really think. Also they may state a little bit of their opinion, however most often they will fabricate their idea to try to please people and lessen the ridicule. Although students may feel strongly about an issue, they twist and conform their statements to avoid embarrassment.

A thought that may pop into your head is “I may not share my thoughts all the time, but I don’t need to because I state my individuality by my style and physical appearance.” However if you look at today’s student and think his or her style is very “individualistic and unique” I would suggest that before you make your observation take a look at the student’s group of friends. On an average you will find the student who dresses preppy hangs out with people that also dress preppy. Likewise, If the student dresses a little more on the punk or gothic side, then most likely they will hang out with people who dress punk or gothic. This fact just goes to show that you conform to the physical style and ways of the people who you hang out with.

Now you may be thinking to yourself “I have my own ideas and beliefs that no one can take away from me.” I completely agree with that statement, however how often do you share that statement with others? If someone were to state something you thought differently about ,for fear of ridicule, the average person would just nod and agree. By making other people think that you agree with them to avoid conflict, you are robbing yourself of your own individuality by conforming to their ideas and opinions.

The points that are stated above have plainly shown why I can truthfully say that rather then students becoming strong individuals as we would all like to believe, they are sadly conforming to other students ideas, opinions, thoughts, physical appearances, actions, and even beliefs. The people in history that were bold enough to state their ideas or beliefs and didn’t let the ridicule of the public stop them, are now known as some of the greatest people in history and are the reason why we are here today in America, and actually have freedom. I can’t help but wonder what America will be like in the future if today’s students and future leaders continue in this fearful conformist lifestyle.