Conflict Scenarios

After living with the same people for 18 years , living with someone new can create conflict. When handling conflict with someone who your interests and personalities differ it is important to be precise on what is creating the conflict and what you can do it help improve the situation. One way to deal with conflict and make arrangements work is to define the content such as, what times are quite times, and set days for each person to clean. Each person should keep up his or her assigned task and if not completed that person should be confronted. Deal with the problem specifically, do not wait to say something about it else your anger will continue to pile up and the problem will still not be solved. After awhile each person should have a good understanding of how the other feels each person must understand that every individual is different and you must come to negotiations with conflicts.

Dealing with a family member who has an addiction can create conflict because of the nature of an addict. Addicts are generally hostile and very depressed and this can hinder conflict resolution, so dealing with conflicts can become a challenge. Examine solution to the conflicts that occur and see if the solution will work for the addict if not try again. Finally if nothing else can be done for the addiction and conflict still occurs, a break in the relationship is necessary, so the family can not be hurt.

In any chosen profession there are critics, Such critics can be a boss, a co‑worker, and consumers or the public. A bosses criticism is probably the best type in a working environment, because the nature of the criticism is healthy, and his objective is to help to improve your work, so you should listen to that criticism, if a conflict occurs because of this try not to take it negatively but learn from it. A co‑workers criticism is probably not in the same interests as from an authority figure. Co‑ workers are on the same level and most criticism are developed out of jealousy. When a conflict occurs from criticism you should listen to the other person and not get upset and take in what they are saying and ignore what you donít need to hear, or what wont help to improve the situation.