Computer games

I have bad experiences about computer games and I think they are quite a stupid stuff because itís boring to just sit in front of the screen and to control for example some guy who moves and kills people. Also itís said that violence in telly and computers games cause violence in society and I agree on that. If you want to play the latest computer games you must have a very good computer and all kind of extra equipment. I donít have lots of money and therefore I canít buy a good computer, which would work very well. I have tried to play some games but they didnít work because I have too slow a computer. I have decided that Iím not going to buy a good computer only for that reason that I can play good games because games arenít my stuff. A slow computer is enough for me because I just write some school exercises and sometimes use the Internet. I have lots of hobbies and I havenít time for computers and thatís why I donít like or use computers. I have many friends who play very much computer games and sometimes they talk about them and then Iím lonely because I donít understand anything that they are talking. When Iím with my friend who plays games I like just watching the game. Iím a bad player because I canít use the keyboard. I sometimes play video games and I think they are better than computer games. You must have only TV and some game console which costs less than a computer and games cost generally the same price. Also for example Playstation is easier to use than computers. So I can state that if I sometimes want to play some video or computer games I play with my Playstation or go to some of my friends and play with them.