Compare the way Carol Ann Duffy's ‘Map Woman' and Patience Agbabi's ‘Eat Me' present bodies.

In the poem ‘eat me' we see how Agbabi denounces that a womans body should be an object of pleasure for others towards the end of her poem. In the beginning we see how the voice in her poem is submissive to her partner and starts becoming fat for "his pleasure" . However we begin to see a change and shift in power towards the end when the woman begins to gain control over "my flesh" and "my throat". The repetition these personal pronouns shows how she is regaining control over her body and that despite being taken advantage in the beginning, she becomes aware that it her body, and not an object for her partners pleasure. This also presents bodies as being the only thing that is truly yours in the world. Similarly in ‘Map Woman' , Duffy also denounces the idea of a woman body being an object of pleasure but also shows that a woman's body is the only thing that is truly hers in this world. Throughout the poem, we are reminded that it is "her thigh" and "her flesh" which shows the control that she has over her body, a control that no one else should have.
Additionally, ‘Eat Me' presents bodies as something to not be ashamed of when the womans partner "asked me to ge t up and walk round the bed so he could watch my broad belly wobble". The alliteration emphasises the fat on her body but we see how her partner enjoys her size. In modern society, skinny bodies are idealised whereas bodies that ‘jiggle' are usually ignored and not considered as the ‘ideal body shape'. By presenting the womans body this way, Agbabi shows how no matter what size or shape you are, you should be proud of your body. This contrasts to Duffy's presentation of bodies in ‘Map Woman' as she presents bodies as something to be ashamed of rather than proud of. We see this in the beginning the conflict that she h as with her body and how "she covered it up with a dress, with a shawl, with a hat". Here we see how she lists a number of clothing just to cover up her body, which suggests that she is embarrassed about her body and unlike the woman in ‘Eat Me' she doesn't want her partner to see it which is why "she turned the light out".
Furthermore we see the constraint that women feel within their own bodies in both ‘Map Woman' and ‘Eat Me. The ten line, regular stanza length that Duffy has chosen to use shows the constraint that this woman feels within her life and her body, unable to escape it. We also see constraint through the sentence structure in ‘Eat Me', the short sentences suggest that her movements and thoughts are very limited. This shows how these women didn't even feel free within their own body which could relate to the way that women are presented in society and how they are still limited to a lot of things.
In conclision, both poets raise contemporary concerns through the presentation of a bodies, especially womans. They also show how important a person's body is and how much control a person should have over their body.