Compare-Contrast essay Dune-Star Wars

Compare/ Contrast Essay

The novel Dune by Frank Herbert, and the novel Star Wars by George Lucas have many comparisons and
contrasts. Even though they were written more than 10 years apart, they are both very entertaining.
In Dune the story takes place on a dry desert planet called Arrakis, where water is very scarce, and only the
rich own it. Similarly, in Star Wars the story starts out on a desert world called Tatooine, where water is very scarce
and expensive.
In Star Wars there is a mysterious power called the force that only a few people posses. It allows you to
move objects, see in to the future, and communicate with people far away just by thinking it. Similarly, in Dune
there is a power that very few people posses. It let the people that knew how to use it communicate with their people
when they were far away, and let them see into the future.
In Dune, there are people who live out in the desert called Freemen who are scavengers and somehow
survive without water. Similarly, there is a small scavenger race called Jawas who live out in the desert in the story
Star Wars.
In Dune the main character is a teenage boy whose father was killed by the evil Vladmir, a powerful leader
who he must confront and kill. The main character finds out that Vladmir is related to him, he is his uncle. He also
starts to learn about a powerful force from someone close to him, his mother. Similarly, in Star Wars the main
character is a teenage boy, whose father was killed by the evil Darth Vader, whom he must confront. Darth Vader
also turns out to be related to the main character, his father. He also gets his first teachings in the force from
someone close to him, the man that was like an uncle to him.
In Dune, all the space flights and cargo transportation were done by the secretive Guild, who donít reveal
their identity to anyone. However, in Star Wars anybody who can buy a space ship can fly it. Cargo transportation
is done by smugglers who do not hide their identity.
In conclusion, there are so many similarities between Dune and Star Wars, that the reader might wonder if
some of the ideas were stolen from Frank Herbertís novel Dune and used when George Lucas wrote Star Wars.

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