Company research (value study)

TB 332

Professional Procedures and Portfolio Development

After talking to an employee at Axis Architecture I began to visualize myself working at

this place of employment. I started asking her questions about how she felt about her job.

Questions that I asked her were, did she enjoy the people that she worked with? Did she

feel that the people she worked with had the same goals for the company? She began to

tell me that all the people she worked with have worked with her for a while now and that

everybody was like family. Each individual also had the same goals for the company.

I also wanted to know how people dressed at work and how did people feel about the dress code. She stated that unless told beforehand that dress was casual to semi-formal depending on the day. Another aspect that was important to me was about the industry trend. Are the strong indications of industry growth in our area? What are the major companies located in the area and can we compete and still reach our goals and our finance goals as well? I wanted to know if the company was a large corporation or a small business? Where are the headquarters of the company? Does they have locations in my area or will employment require relocation? What year was the company founded?

My next set of questions focused on the company’s product and structure of business. What are the opportunities for employment and which divisions (if any) were growing? What is the relative size of the company, its position in the industry, and its competitors? How are the stocks for the company performing? Is there obvious financial growth? Does the company focus mainly on domestic sales or worldwide markets? What are the policies for the employees and what benefits are offered? Are there and job openings in my field of study and what are their criteria? Are the opportunities for continued learning?

After researching the company values it was time to see if my values were a match to see if this is the right place of employment for me. Of course the money and benefits were okay but I was also worried about the location of the company and it seemed to fit my needs. I found out the quality of the environment was acceptable as well. The climate was not going to be a factor since most of my work is inside or sheltered. The job availability is also important and there are plenty of opportunities for jobs as well as continued education. The cost of living is no change and the transportation is also not an issue. The people that I would be working with are professionals. This I feel is excellent because I can learn from these individuals and what I learn from these people along with my education and skills I should be able to fit in functionally for the company.

The position of employment I am looking for is using AutoCAD and my drafting knowledge to obtain a position in an architecture firm. I am looking to design and implement my skills and ideas to excel in the field. Axis provides all the services I need to use my skills and much more. From designing homes, buildings, or additional work in the field I feel this company possesses all the right attributes and duties that I am seeking.

They are not a very big company and are located in a nice small village. I like this because that gives the company room to grow and I can be a person to help expand and reach out to the community.

In short I believe Axis-Architecture is the perfect company for me. With the room for advancement, people that I work with, and the company’s goals I feel that I will fit in well if need be. Their location and size is ideal for an entry-level student in the field. Their pay and benefits are negotiable which is usual for a small company. I am basically pleased overall with this company and hope to be making an impact as soon as possible.