Communication Over The Internet, and The Effects It Will Have On Our Economy

Thesis: Communication over the internet is growing at a rapid rate, this rate of
growth may destroy the monopoly taking place with the major telecommunication

In this day and age we as a global community are growing at a super fast rate.
Communication is a vital tool which aids us in breaking the distance barrier.
Over the past decades there has been a monopoly in the telecommunications
business, but now with the power of the internet, and super fast data transfer
rates people can communicate across the globe and only pay local rates. · In
essence the local phone companies almost promote this.

- When you log on to the internet chances are that you are logging on through a
local internet provider. You will use your computer modem to dial up and create
and data link with your net provider. Where does the net provider get his super
fast net connection from? He gets the connection from the local phone company.

· How logging on the internet is almost like logging right onto the local
telephone company.

-It all boils down to, the local phone company approving the use of the internet
for any means.

· How phone companies are going to bring them selves down.

-I feel that because of this phone companies will be the cause to their own

· Methods of communication over the net

-There are many ways of communicating over the net: Inter relay chat (text only)
-Video/Audio: there are many net applications which allow the user to simply
plug in a mini video camera( which can be purchased anywhere from $150+) and
speakers and a microphone and establish a net connection and be able to view to
and hear. -There are also applications such as the internet phone which enables
the user to talk with other people, this works almost like a conventional

· New technologies and what to expect in the near future.

There have been many new breakthroughs in communication s recently, we are
unfolding new ideas and new and faster ways in communication. Fiber optic
technology is probably the next major wave in technology. Fiber optic
communication over the internet will mean that it will be a lot easier to

· Why there is no jurisdiction over this means of communication.

A major principal of law and order is to control a certain area and population.
Laws that apply to one state or province don\'t necessarily apply to another.
Just like in Amsterdam you can order a slice of hashish with your coffee and if
you did the same in Singapore you would be executed. The internet does not
reside somewhere nor is it a physical thing. The internet has no boundaries,
there is no way in which we can control it. There is no one person liable for
what happens on it, there is no board of control therefore nobody has any
jurisdiction of what happens on the internet. This should be a major concern to
large telecommunication companies.

· Advantages/Disadvantages with the technology available to the normal person

-There is a downside however to the communication on the internet, for example
when talking on the internet phone, you can not talk both ways, one person says
something the other waits until he/she is done, then the other person can
respond. On the other hand if you have a problem of cutting people off then this
would be a good solution for you.

· How corporations other than the telecommunication companies will boom These
new technologies will dramatically lower the cost of communication, not to
mention advantages of online service. For example it is quite easy for a
technician to log on to your machine and fix up any problems which may occur.

· How the government gain/loose from this new technology. The government will
gain money from the people as a whole because they reduce there costs enabling
themselves to purchase desired goods which are taxable. · The aftershocks of the
effects on the economy i.e. decrease unemployment.

People might argue that there will be major job cuts due to new technologies,
but what do the telephone companies plan to do any ways in the next five to ten
years, they are all looking at technology as well to reduce there costs. Costs
such as man labour. The new technology will also create jobs for graduating
students from Universities, there will be a large demand for programming skills,
computer oriented network managers, system operators etc..

Technology is a tool in which we will improve your quality of life, it