COMM 1010: Case Study
Media Prima: Reality TV Shows
Reality TV show has become one of the genre of television programming that people love to watch . According to Collins, R eality TV show is actually a programme in which it is supposedly to show how people behave in their everyday life while anticipating all the re al- life situations and events. In addition, it should be an unscripted life events consisting ordinary individuals while some shows, celebrities may participate in a programme. But, it is mostly seen that the reality shows are participated by celebrities, which may depict how much we as the audience love watching our favourite celebrities appear in a reality show. Reality show has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from the audiences since the day such shows aired. The feedback could be traced through internet, specifically social media such as facebook and twitter in which the audience will post something that is related to the show. Currently, hashtag ‘#' has been used and has become a trend to identify message on a particular topic and in this case, the show itself . There are already several reality shows airing on Malaysia TV broadcasting system especially in private broadcasti ng companies for example Astro , ‘Lara Oh Lara' , ‘Fear Factor: Celebrity Edition' and ‘Maharaja Lawak Mega' to name a few. Every year, there are getting more reality shows on the television screen. Our main focus, Media Prima also realized the popularity of r eality shows among the citizens.
Media Prima television stations include TV3, ntv7, 8TV and TV9 in which every station is aimed to different groups. Media P rima introduces several reality shows and to be more accurate, entertainment reality shows as the audience are more fond to such genre. As for TV3, there were some entertainment reality show such as ‘Explorace' that was aired a quite long time ago and received a lot of positive feedback from the audience regardless of being a Malaysia version of ‘The Amazing Race'. The audience also requested the show to have more seasons. It attracted a lot of people to watch it u ntil the show has its own fans. 8TV also did not missed out the trend broadcasting a few reality shows such as ‘one in a million', ‘Malaysia's most beautiful', ‘showdown 2010 -2012' and ‘Malaysian idol' which was discontinued . TV9, which is the youngest television station which primarily aimed to the young fresh mass malays. Recently, media prima came out with a new entertainment reality show that is called Perang Bibir which is on air every Thursday night for 12 weeks. In this entertainment reality show, Perang Bibir, 24 celebrities are to compete with one an other to win a grand prize RM30,000. They have to lip-syncing to popular songs name it locally or internationally, with their own creativity. Each of them has t o go through qualifying round and must get over the challenges with a different theme in each of the episode such as dance, rock, hip hop and much more. In addition to that, b efore the show being aired on TV9, Media Prima has created an advertisement for that upcoming show. It features a n appearance of a teenage girl whose name is Nurul Nurizzati Mohd Raffi or famously known as Rose Nicotine all over the social media . She actively make s videos, specifically mimicking videos that she uploaded to her media social and the videos went viral and can be watch all over the internet. She mimicking to Closer, one of the single off The Chainsmoker as presented in the advertisement giving the audience a little clue on what the upcoming TV show would look like. This entertainment reality show, Perang Bibir receives a lot of positive feedback from the audience. There is another reality show that are going to make a re appearance for its second season called ‘Clever girl' on TV3. The title itself explains what the reality show is all about. Despite being highly anticipated at first, before the first season aired, that reality show received huge of critics from the viewers. This is mainly because the contestants themselves did not show any characteristic of