Although sometimes overlooked, color can be a very powerful tool in design. People see different designs everyday, whether it is on the side of a bus or on a billoard or in a brochure they received in their mailbox. Whichever method design is applied, there is always some sort of color. Even something like black and white can have an effect on someone’s mood.


Red has been known to represent blood and anger and violence. Since ancient times, cavemen used actual blood as their paint and they were usually drawing things like buffalo or things they had killed. This was representing their strength and power as hunters of the wild. Today, red is used as attention grabbing and can also be used to represent anger. It is a bold strong color which always works to grab someone’s immediate attention.


Blue is a very soothing color, known for its use in hospitals and medicine. It gentle color makes you think of the sky and ocean and is very relaxing. Baby boys are always dressed in blues of all shades stating they are boys. Why is such a soft soothing color used for boys which are supposed to be represented as strong in society? This is because like all colors, the shade variations can cause very different perceptions to the eye. For example, a soft baby blue is associated with baby boys as described above. A deep royal blue is strength and power. It is often seen for Fortune 100 companies logos’.


Green is always the color of nature. Green peace, recycling logos, trees, grass. Everything in nature is green. Related to that, it also signifies life, youth, renewal, hope and vigor. Brides in the Middle Ages wore green to symbolize fertility. Green is the easiest color on the eye and can improve vision. It is a calming color and has a neutral effect on the human nervous system. The "green rooms" are designed for people who are waiting to appear on TV to sit and relax. Like blue, green is also a popular color in hospitals because it relaxes patients, although they have to be careful of which shade is used because it can also appear as decay or rot.


Purple represents royalty and wealth and success. It is a rare color in nature. In ancient times, people used a certain species of shellfish to create purple dyes -- a meticulous process. Some people like purple decorations for its unusually posh and artistic look. To others, however, it just looks artificial.


Yellow , the pure bright lemon yellow is the most eye-fatiguing color. Light is reflected by this bright color, resulting in excessive stimulation of the eyes, causing eye irritation. It also speeds metabolism. Paint a room yellow, you will make babies cry and grown-ups lose their tempers in it. Furthermore, yellow is not a good color for notepads and monitor background. Although it can alert our brain and enhance concentration, it is hurtful to our eye.

Yellow, when used in small amount, produces sensations of brightness and warmth. It represents playfulness, light, creativity, warmth and an easygoing attitude toward life. It is as inviting as a warm, sunny day. Yellow is like sunlight -- you want it to be there to feel good, but you don\'t want it to be "in your eye".

Yellow has many shades. Pure yellow is the most cheerful and sunny of the spectrum. A softer tint, however, will make it more pleasant to look at. Dingy yellow represents caution, decay, sickness, jealousy and duplicity. Choice of shade is important when it comes to yellow.

Yellow, the cheerful sunny yellow, is an attention getter. It is the most visible color of all the colors, it is the number one attention getter.

Yellow is a spiritual color that is a symbol of the deity in many religions.


White stands for purity, chastity and innocence. In most of the western societies, brides wear white to symbolize innocence and purity. It also represents cleanliness. Doctors, nurses, and lab technicians wear white to imply sterility. It reflects light and keeps cool. So it is the color for summer clothing. In general, it creates a cool and refreshing feeling.


Black is a controversial color. On one hand, it is associated with demons, witches and the devil; on the