Class Evaluation (COM 105)

I actually took this class for my HML requirement. Later in the middle of the semester when I went to meet my advisor did I realize that this class was under a SSL and not a HML. Well, anyways I think I did need a human communication class to improve my communication skills. I am very shy and reserved and I think the best way to get out my shell is to learn to communicate well with people.

Communication in my country is very different from here. In my country, if we had a communication class like this one, we would have a lot of formal speeches and debates to improve on oneís style of speech. From what I remember, back home we hardly discussed informally and asked for peopleís opinions. Most classes involved a lot of theory learning. By the end of a term, we would have almost learnt up the whole book which would be thicker than Griffins (Definitely!).

I liked the way every class started out with the distribution of some candies. Americans love sweets. Chocolates are sweetest in America than any other country I have ever visited. I realized this only in my COM class. I never had more candies anywhere than I had in this class. I think it really boosts the energy level and makes discussions more fun. I dreaded the discussions the first half of the class, but once I was more comfortable I liked the class a lot and didnít miss a single one. I took discussions as a challenge and every day I came to class looking forward to share my opinions with my group. This was a very big achievement for me. This class was like an introductory class for me. It helped me a lot in improving my discussions and interactions with people. I have become more comfortable in giving my opinions to people. It was a very good start. I plan on taking one more communication class next semester and I will try my best to involve myself in the discussions right from the start.

Adding to the fact that Iím a procrastinator, I also take pretty long to write my papers so itís good enough to read. I really like how lenient the instructor is with the due dates of the papers. I also enjoyed writing some of the papers because I could apply the theory to my life, which made it more interesting. Some topics were very good and easier since it involved our everyday social interactions.

This class was more of a group activity than individual work, from what I would think in comparison to my other classes. The group discussions were very informal. I learnt a lot about American culture and a lot more on communicating with Americans too which serves my purpose for taking this class. The last few theories gave me a lot of information on the differences is our cultures which also affects the way we communicate. I had a relationship which failed because of the culture differences; the theories explain everything pretty well. On the whole, the instructor has achieved in providing the students with a broad understanding of various communication theories.

Overall, I personally learnt a lot in this communication class. And it just occurred to me right now-I think some students experiment applying some theories in their daily interactions. Everyone in class calls me by my regular name but a student (not in my group) called me by the name that I mentioned my friends would call me by. It felt good because he remembered. I was very impressed. And besides being in my class, heís a stranger. HmmmÖ.Theory applied. Axiom 27(Anxiety/Uncertainty Management Theory)!!