Cirrhosis of the Liver Outline

I. Cirrhosis of the Liver

A. General Information
1. People can acquire Cirrhosis of the Liver from steady drinking of alcohol or inhaling harmful chemicals (ex. Carbon Tetrachloride)

2. Alcohol abuse or inhaling chemicals (Carbon Tetrachloride)

3. Liver Cells are destroyed, liver swells doesn’t carry out normal functions

A. Early Symptoms
Loss of appetite nausea vomiting and loss of appetite. Sometimes abdomen and ankles swell

B. Later Symptoms
Bruising nosebleeds, red “spider marks” caused from broken veins, severe itching, and the skin jaundices (yellows) The brain works less well and makes the victim confused.

4. Mild cirrhosis can be cured with vitamin shots and high protein diets to help the liver cells regenerate.

Sometimes liver transplants can be made and let the patient live for 4 or more years after

Severe Cirrhosis is almost impossible to cure because the cells cannot regenerate as fast as they are lost

B. Prevention
1. Drink less often and not as much is the one and only way to prevent cirrhosis of the liver

2. ?

C. Interesting Facts 1. Statistics
1970-1980 19,325,506 died from cirrhosis of the liver

90-95 % of deaths from Cirrhosis of the liver was from Alcohol abuse and could have been prevented

Deaths are most common among males

Recently deaths from cirrhosis have decreased

9th most frequent death in America

2. signs of addiction are steady drinking of alcoholic beverages

D. Personal Reflection
1. It is important to stay drug free because it is harmful to your body and can make you make bad decisions. It can affect your daily life in many negative ways

2. Put lots of time and thought into these decisions

Plan how to say no ahead of time

Consider the outcome of every action you make

E. Teen Resource
1. Places to call

Drug and Alcohol abuse hotline……………….1-800-662-HELP

Alcoholics Anonymous………………………...292-0488

The Albany Citizens Council

On Alcoholism and other

Chemical Dependencies, inc. …………………465-5829