Christianity, Islam, and Judaism

This day on Febuary the sixth, was started off with slides. The first
slide represents Christianity. The picture was of a group of people walking and
carrying crosses walking along the path that Jesus took. The second slide was a
slide of the Kabah. It represents the Islam religion. The Kabah is found
inside Mecca and is supposed to house a meteorite. The third slide is for the
Jewish religion, Judaism.
All of the religions are monotheistic which means they believe in only
one God, the God of Abraham. Although they have the worship the dame God, they
have a few differences between them. One of which is the choice of the main
prophets. Christianity believes that Jesus was God\'s son and was the savior for
all. Islam believes that Muhammad lead the ideal life and everyone must base
their lives on him.
In class we handed in the postcard or letter that was assigned to us the
previous day about our first impressions of the Middle East. Then we made
groups of two and reviewed one type of the above three religions. After reading
the information that was handed to us we had to fill out a spoke diagram about
it. On it we wrote about a certain religion\'s God, Holy book, practices and
rituals, sects worship services, and key beliefs. Then we put up all the spokes
from the groups and reviewed them.

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