Choosing Beyond Control

English Essay

Week 11

Today when we think of marriage, we think of love. Not everyone finds it, and not everyone holds onto it. Today we have many choices on marriage. From what kind of flowers we want, all the way to what color dress the bridesmaids will wear at the wedding. We never thought to put our husband or wife in the category of choices. We’ve always known it to be that it is our finding or fate that brings two loved ones together in marriage. Never would we imagine today, that somebody could have chosen the one who we were going to marry.

It never dwelled on me that back in time, women and men had no power of who they were wanted to marry. There was always a chosen one for them; either chosen by their parents or family status. This was recognized to me by reading the story Picture Bride. That story showed me how hard it must have been for men and women to marry a complete stranger and expect to have a steady life and be normal.

In the story Picture Bride, Hana, the girl who wanted to move to America to be free, went to America hoping to seek good fortune. What she did not know, was that she was destined to find her husband in America. The only thing she knew of him was how he looked in his middle school graduation picture. He wrote to her, but not revealing anymore more clue to his character than the stiff formal portrait he had sent her. I could only imagine the strength she must have built up to go and meet a total stranger that supposedly was her future husband.

Fortunately, arranged marriages are almost unheard of. Today, we have choices, something so out of reach back then, never in a million years they would have imagined finding someone for themselves. This story not only gave me insight of what it must have been like back then, but it also gave me an appreciation for the generation I was brought into. Times have changed over a period of time, but history does repeat itself, so stories like this help you be thankful for the customs now.