Chocolate Chip Cookies

Roy McKenzie L.A. 6° February 26 1997

Whoever in here likes chocolate chip cookies STAND UP! Well, I like
them too.

The story of the Chocolate chip cookie is really an interesting one. In
fact, did you know that the invention itself was really an accident? Nope, well,
I didn\'t think so. Let me tell you a little about it.

Have you ever wondered how the chocolate chip cookie came to be? Have you ever
wondered who brought this American tradition into our homes? Do you know how
they became so popular?

Well, it all started one day with a young lady named Ruth Wakefield.
One day she was making some cookies for her guests. They were called Butter
Drop Do\'s. This cookie required semisweet chocolate pieces to be melted in the
batter. Well she was in a hurry, she had beds to make and drapes to clean so,
instead of melting the chocolate pieces in the batter she just chopped them up
in the batter, thinking they would melt during the cooking process. To her
surprise they stayed very much intact See what happens when you do not follow
the directions?

Well, never the less everyone at the Toll House Inn simply loved them.
In fact, they became so popular the recipe was published in the Boston Newspaper.
The recipe was named the Toll House Cookie. One day Nestlé was going over their
reports and they found that sales for chocolate bars rose rapidly in the Boston
area. This was because the chocolate bars were the primary ingredient in the
Toll House Cookies. When Nestlé found out what was up they started making their
chocolate bars with score lines on them for easier breaking. This was ok but
still not easy enough. So to solve this problem they made morsels (miniature
chocolate kisses)and bought the Toll House name. With that they called them
Nestlé Toll House Morsels.

Did you also know that the chocolate chip cookie is the most popular
cookie in America? The Toll House produces thirty-three thousand cookies each
day. In the world about 7 billion cookies are eaten annually that means 19,200
thousand cookies a day. That explains why 50% of cookies in American homes are
chocolate chip.

As you can see this invention of the 1930\'s had a powerful effect on the cookie
industry. Whit the hopes you learned something about how it came to be, who
invented it and the popularity of the chocolate chip cookie, I leave you with
this plate of cookies to enjoy!!

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