A. Chlorophyll belongs to the Plant Kingdom. Chlorophyll is not found in
the Animal Kingdom. Chlorophyll is found inside of Chloroplasts, and
Chloroplasts are found inside of plant cells.

B. Chlorophyll is a pigment that makes plants green. It is important
because it converts sunlight to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

C. Chlorophyll is found inside the chloroplast which is located near the
cell wall. It is located here because the suns rays might not penetrate deep
into the plant, and the plant needs the suns rays to generate hydrogen and

D. If a plant did not have chlorophyll then the plant would be unable to
get the energy from the sun, and it would slowly die. There are no diseases or
dysfunction\'s of chlorophyll. If there were plants would have a serious problem.

E. I once had a friend named Bill,
and he was green with Chlorophyll,
He Didn\'t have to eat,
not a beat or any meat,
Instead of going to dine he would feast on sunshine
Bill went to the Land of the Midnight Sun
and there he was done.

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