Chinese Occupation of Tibet

I believe that Chinese occupation in Tibet is a tragedy that should be
delt with before a total genocide of the Tibetan cultures occurs. This is a very
serious topic that has been avoided since the late 1940\'s.

Chinese occupation in Tibet is one of the great tragedies in history.
The Communist government is trying to completely erase the Tibetan culture.
Since the Tibetan religion is Buddhism they have vowed to never hurt another
living creature, and because of this they cannot fight back against the Chinese
army. Tibetans can only practice their religion under extensive government
watch and thousands of monasteries have been destroyed. Over 1.2 million
Tibetans have been killed and thousands imprisoned for voicing their religious
beliefs. Tibetan women are sometimes forced to have abortions and become
sterilized. The Chinese have reeked havoc on Tibet\'s fragile environment
through extensive deforestation and open dumping of nuclear waste. Tibet\'s most
sacred lake, Yamdrok Tso, is currently being drained for a Chinese hydroelectric
power plant.

This problem has not been dealt with for nearly 60 years. The United
Nations has failed to punish China for any of its human rights abuses. Major
corporations from around the world continue to do business with China. Last
year, despite continuing pressure, the United States renewed China\'s Most
Favored Nation trading status. Unfortunately, since China represents such a
potentially gigantic market, politicians are reluctant to impose any trade

The Chinese government claims to be helping the Tibetan culture, but in
reality they have created hogemy over the Tibetan people. China has damaged the
society of Tibet in such an extensive way that if Tibet ever regains its freedom,
it will take many years to correct the damage inflicted by the Chinese
government. Hopefully, in the near future China will realize the great amount
of suffering they have caused another human race.

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