Chimpanzees are a genus of the great ape of Africa, with
long black hair and log protruding ears. Humans know
them for their intelligence and there very similarities. They
have developed family ties similar to man. Over the
generations they have even had developed tools out of
natural materials. Food for chimpanzees is very important
to them due to the excessive amount eating.

Chimpanzees eat a variety of foods. They will get their food
in many different ways. Bananas are one of the most
favored foods of chimpanzees. They will eat it with the peal
on or they will take the peal off. Researchers in Africa had
video camera and had been taping the primates while
eating. One day while video tapeing they caught a male
chimpanzee stealing a bundle of bananas from the storage
tent, and put the bundle of bananas over his shoulder and
walked out. The researchers did not try to top the adult
male, because they knew that the adult male are very
strong and can get violent if they are bothered while eating.
These primates also eat variety leaves, twigs and seeds that
are found through out the jungle. Chimpanzees are nomadic
they will travel up to six miles a day for food. Once food is
found they will spend up to seven hours a day eating.
Chimpanzee will also eat meat, but it has to be fresh meat.
This means that the male’s hunt and kill there own meat in
groups; some of the animals they look for are baby
baboons, antelope and bush pigs.

Chimpanzee’s intelligence is the one that is closes to man.
They use natural items to create tools, shelter, and many
other items. These primates think of termites as a sort of
delicacy, but most of them are buried on logs with only a
small hole to get at the termites out of the wood. They
break a twig off a tree and strip all the leaves off and then
twist the twig so it’s like a corkscrew. The twig is then fed
in to the hole in the log and the termites will attach
themselves to the twig. The chimpanzees now have their
meal, they will use the twig over unless it is ruined and then
they will make a new one. This shows their abilities to
make tools and show their intelligence to design things from
natural objects, and modifying them.

Chimpanzees get thirsty to, and when it rains lots of water
gathers into hollow logs so they reach there hand in there
and try to get water this amount is very little. Over many
years they have developed a way to get eight times the
normal amount of water out of the hollow log. The primates
take leaves and chew on them, and use the leaves as a
sponge in the log to absorb the water. Then the
chimpanzees will suck on the leaves to get the water out of
the leaves. They show this trick to there young and teach
them how to use the leaves as a sponge. The younger
chimpanzee will try using the leaves as sponge. The adults
are teachers to the younger chimps and this show the
intelligence in teaching on another.

The family ties between chimpanzees are very strong.
There is a group of chimpanzees that are a family that are
always each other. Usually it is in this group that the
females conceive with a male. The males are dominates of
the groups and receive rank by rank by dancing around
and intimidating the other males. The mother’s are the one
that takes of the young; the males want nothing to do with
the young after there born. The females usually conceive
every five years, this is were there first young usually start
doing things on there own. The chimpanzees will still hang
around their mother, but she will not carry the sibling any
longer, her attention goes to the new baby. The families of
chimpanzees will morn lost of a family member. The
average primate lives forty to fifty years. The family ties
between the chimpanzees are very strong.

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