Chil Abuse

" One out of three girls , one out of Six boys is are sexually abused before the age of 8"

Every child is vulnerable to abuse. Today parents must face the possibility that someone may hurt or take advantage of your child. Research indicates that as many as one out of every four children will be the victims of some kind of abuse. Very young children as well as older teenagers are victimized. Almost all of these children will be abused by someone they know and trust. For example a relative. Family, friend or a caretaker, many of these people are people you know very well and have a lot of trust in.

In this country the problem of child abuse is very serious. Child

abuse can happen to almost any child. The abuser and the child may seem

normal on the outside, behind the closed doors may be another story. With

help from everyone we can put a stop to child abuse. Child abuse comes in two forms.

One is verbal and the other is physical. Often verbal abuse gets the self-esteem of the

child down while physical abuse could seriously injure the child. Many times the child

had done nothing wrong, but the parents or guardians may be in a bad mood and

use the child as a punching bag. Some causes of child abuse are from the uses of drugs, or

alcohol abuse, or the abuser was also abused when they were little. These causes

starts problems such as runaways who has no place to go. They could grow

up to be bums or even worse. Another problem is that when the child grows up they

could become the next generations of child abusers.

Child abuse can be prevented in a number of ways such as counseling.

For the adults as well as the children. Another way is for the school to

educate the children about child abuse. Teachers should tell the children

what to do in a case of child abuse, the children should tell a person

they trust and also speak forward when someone abuses them.

In my opinion everyone should try to prevent child abuse any way

they can. Child abuse should never start because it can ruin a child\'s

Life forever, and causes serious injures to the child.

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