Charlotte Moraga

o Name of the performing artist is Charlotte Moraga, who is originally from Florida. She began dancing at the age of nine and was formerly a professional Jazz dancer who joined the company in 1992. Her guru Pandit Chitresh Das is the founder and artistic director of Chitresh Das Dance Company (CDDC) and Chhandam School of Kathak.

o Moraga is affiliated with the Chitresh Das Dance Company and her guru Pandit Chitresh Das is the artistic director of Chitresh Das Dance Company (CDDC) and Chhandam School of Kathak, which he founded in 1980. He started dancing at the age of 9 in India. He has performed internationally, featured in India\'s celebrated festivals and toured as a solo artist as well as with the CDDC in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Pandit Das is on the faculty of San Francisco State University where he initiated the first accredited Kathak course in the US in 2003.

o They are involved in classical Indian Kathak dance, one of the oldest dance forms which goes back 2000 years, The word Kathak is derived from katha, meaning "the art of storytelling. Stories like Rhada and Krishna, divine and devotee are some of the themes of the dance. There is a lot of Hindu and Muslim influence as well as symbolism used. According to Chitresh Das the dance itself is very uplifting and spiritual. He believes that dance of all forms is meant to give joy, and he stated that dance was about beauty and the delicacy of beauty.

o His philosophy directly relates to the chapter of “Lord of the Dances” where we covered Indian dance forms. The influence if Hinduism reflects how the body is treated as a tool for achieving greater insight and understanding. I think this performance made it clearer how the dancing body can be a source of pleasure and a vehicle of worship.

o I have never heard of this type of dance until I saw the performance in class. It was one of the most beautiful and skillful performances I have seen. The dance was accompanied by only one instrument, which was simple but very powerful at the same time. The way Moraga was spinning was almost inhuman but smooth and very graceful. Having watched it only for a few minutes was long enough to understand how much effort and energy there was put. I though it was a blissful performance.