Charimans Message

In recent years there has been numerous catastrophes in the Muslim world.
Although some are caused by natural disasters, such as the many thousands who were killed by the earthquakes, the human beings against their fellow men cause the vast majority of deaths, injuries and economic destruction.
It is estimated that ninety percent of refugees in the world today are Muslim.
Muslims should not be surprised by these calamities, however, because Allah subhanaha wata\'da told us in the Qur\'an Surah 29, (Al-Ankabut,) Ayah 2 Do men think that they will be left alone on saying " We believe" and that they will not be tested?}. Again, Surah 2. (Al Baqara), Ayah 155 Mankind is warned."Be sure We shall test you with something of fear and hunger some loss in goods or lives or the fruit (of your toil) but give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere.
Human suffering offer Us an opportunity to offset some of the mistakes we make in Our lives. When We respond by assisting those less fortunate We alleviate their suffering and cancel some of Our sins.

-Project Highlight-
· After 18 years of war in Lebanon poverty has become a dominant in that area.
· An orphan and needy school was officially established 9 years ago in Tripoli, Lebanon to become the home of the more than 350 orphans and needy, boys and girls, whose economical and family situation is more than miserable.
· More than 30 teachers who volunteer their time for just sake of ALLAH operate the school.
· Many students joined the school at the age of 7 and now 14 years old. Furthermore, their number is increasing month after month and as a result of that, the school responsibility is becoming bigger and bigger.
· The school provides education for kids, orphans and needy by:
1. Teaching them how to read and write
2. Providing courses to memorize the Qur\'an
3. Establishing a sewing academy for girls

· The school also offers education for women by:
1. Rehabilitating them both on the social and literal levels
2. Qualifying them to be good mothers and wives

· Schools finally covers other expenses by:
1. Providing a full set of clothes to every student at the Eid Al fitr and
Eid Al Adha
2. Providing the Iftar food during the month of Ramadan
3. Paying the medicament cost for most kids
4. Paying the cost of the study material needed to every student
5. Organizing some leisure trips for the orphans and needy student.

The President of the school came to Canada last March 1999 in a donation campaign. After reporting that the school is undergoing a very bad financial situation and that it will be too hard to keep going on under such circumstances.
As a response to that URGENT call from the orphans and needy in Lebanon,
A number of Muslims, Who are resident in Canada, came up with the idea of establishing:
"Al Moltaqa Association for Social Activity"
To keep supporting and educating the orphans and needy in Lebanon and wherever they could be find elsewhere.
To be a shoulder to rely on for all orphans and needy

Office Address:
25 Agens St.,Ste 707
Mississauga, Ontario
L5B 3X7 Canada
Mailing Address:
P.O. BOX 1623 Stn.B
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Y 4G3 Canada
FAX (905) 804-1228
TEL (905) 804-1228
E-mail : [email protected] .ca

"Al Moltawa" in Arabic means "The Gathering" in English. The name is symbolic since it pictures how Muslims will get together and unite as one social coherent module in the near future.
· To be a non-profit, non-political, charitable organization
· To provide support for educating the orphans and needy
· To provide support for victims in need charitable assistance as a result of being directly affected by the earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and war.
· To work with the other non-profit organization in Canada and overseas to reach that goal
· To help alleviate the human suffering

"Al Moltaqa"
· Was officially established and legalized in Canada
· Has helped the orphans and needy school in Tripoli by paying $12000.00 US to cover the payment of the school building in April-1999
· Buying a school bus for teacher and student transportation. The cost of $11000.00 US

Al Moltaqa Future Plan !!!!
1. To fulfill the whole cost of the building that the school has bought and still paying
2. To establish a walk in clinic and medical laboratory for the poor and needy children
3. To elaborate and expand the existing sewing academy
4. To establish a computer academy
For more info. Please call the committees
Br.Ahmad Al