Character Studies of Main Characters in; Much Ado About Nothing.

Don Pedro, prince of Arragon. He is first made connection with the success in the war. When they arrive at Leonato’s house he is very polite and shows appreciation of Leonato’s kindness. We know that there has been a misunderstanding between his illegitimate brother Don John that has been reconciled.

Benadick, of Padua is a lord through Beatrice’s mocking remarks we can tell that Benadick is a very proud soldier that likes to brag and does it ‘with little more wit than his hoarse’. From this we are told not to pay attention to what she says as Leonato tells the messenger that there is a ‘merry war’ between Beatrice and Benadick.

Claudio, of Florence is also a young soldier who has been at war with Don Pedro and Benadick. As soon as he has a chance he tells Benadick how much he likes Hero and asks his opinion of her he says she is not ‘fair’ enough and that he does not see that she is such a ‘jewel’.

Barachio and Conrade are Don John’s followers. Conrade gives good advice not to not to reveal his discontent and malice. Barachio tells Don John by telling him of Claudio’s love Hero this angers him so he so he hopes to feed his ‘displeasure’ by messing it up.

Leonato, Governor of Messina, in Sicily, he s a good kind and courteous man, he is pleased to hear of the few casualties in the war. He is guardian to his niece, Beatrice. He is please to let Don Pedro and his followers stay at his house including Don John the bastard brother of Don Pedro.

Antonio, brother of Leonato he is an elderly man who is merely there to give Leonato some misinformation, which his servant heard. This is one of the many miss hearing hearings.

Hero, Leonato’s only child and ‘heir’ and this offers a good prospect for marriage. She only has one sentence in the first scene, in which she explains that Beatrice is referring to Benadick when she says ‘Signor Moutanto’. She is a foil to her Cousin who has something to say on everything. Although she has little to say she is the subject of great interest for the next scene as Claudio notes her as being a ‘the sweetest lady’, ‘a jewel’ and a ‘modest young lady’ that he had ever looked upon.

Beatrice, an orphan, Leonato’s niece is witty and sharp especially when talking about Benadick. In her first words she promises to ‘eat all that he has killed’ as she does not think that he has killed any one this confused the messenger and says ‘I will hold friends will you, lady’ as he finds her rather daunting. She also says to Benadick that she knows him of old this tells us that he can’t hate him all that much as it shows they have a past.

Don John, Don Pedro’s Bastard brother, arrives at Leonato’s house and shows some gratitude ‘I thank you. I am not of many words, but I thank you.’ From his melancholic form we can guess already that he is a villain. He continues through out the play to make as much ‘mischief’ as possible.