Cassio's Eulogy for Othello

Friends, esteemed guests and citizens of Venice, it is with my deepest sadness that I welcome you all today. It is with profound grief that I must stand here and honour the memory of a great man. Courageous yet vulnerable, passionate yet noble, and most of all, a man who loved too much. For the numbers present today are testimony to the greatness of such a man; and a man he was. For in his death he died as one of us, a Venetian, despite that he may not have believed it so. It is our duty, as his brothers and his friends, to fan the flames of valour that Othello's spirit has ignited within this great nation. We must hold his memory with close reverence, so that in our times of cold and darkness Othello's wisdom shall provide the warmth and light we need.

General Othello was first and foremost, a man of strength and courage. He arose to every occasion with the strength of ten men and the spirit of a hundred. He was a true military genius and one of the greatest generals this great nation has ever been graced with. His life is inspiration to us all here today, to lead everyday with determination and resilience in our blood and courage within our eyes. It is his life's story that will continue to ignite the flames of motivation in each of us so that we may reach for greater heights in life and construct our own legacies with feats of courage and bravery. As we all know, Othello began, not from dignity or nobility, but as a mere Moor. He broke from the manacles of slavery and rose through countless ranks of formidable foe to sit in the highest position that can be accredited to such a fierce and magnanimous warrior - a Moor had risen to General. Othello's bravery and courage to protect our nation was undisputable, so much so that on the night he was wed, he departed with haste when he heard news of a Turks' fleet threatening the safety and peace of our great state of Venice. Othello led with ferocity and passion, conquering each formidable battle with sparks of zest soaring from within him and enveloping all who followed him. Othello was a true leader amongst leaders; a man truly worthy of the title of general.

Similarly, for those who knew Othello more personally, such as I did, would know that this passion extended deeply into the friendships and kinships that he had attained throughout his life. In the same way, he inspired his comrades to follow him into battle, his passionate and gregarious character allowed him to attract all who witnessed or heard the great and exotic tales that a man of such accolades had to offer. I, too, had been had been enchanted by the magnificence of such a man, not by any form of witch-craft, but by the sheer integrity and honesty that emanated from within him. Othello was not only a friend in our short company together, but he was also a mentor. His blazing desire to protect this nation and his enflamed wisdom as a leader, were so great that his judgements never wavered when it came to the well-being of our great nation. I can personally vouch for his integrity, as not long ago I had soiled shame upon general Othello's reputation as a leader; behaving in a dishonourable manner which reflected on his judgement in choosing me as his right-hand man. However, Othello did not let the scrutiny affect his stoic sense of integrity, instead stripping me of my ranks and demonstrating the demanded behaviour of men in such high esteem. In spite of this, Othello did not repudiate our friendship and instead continued to mentor me in the proper ways of leadership. General Othello was a true man that shone with passion and nobility.

These same attributes of courage and passion however, are also the pawns partially responsible for the sombre flame that burned within his heart before his death. Othello, like us all here today, was a man. His greatness and prowess came from his masterful skill on the battlefields of war