Career Profile

I am a very nice person to hang out with , I am a social person , I like to hang out with a lot of girls. I think I am a good friend who helps people whenever I can, because they would do the same thing for me. When I work I focus on getting the job done and I also try as hard as I can to not get distracted by anything.

Some of my interests are hackie sac and swimming. I also enjoy playing basketball and playstation 2. My hobbie is to collect C.Dís. I enjoy lifting weights and I collect Phat Farm clothing. Another interest that I love to do is go fishing, then you get to eat the fish you catch.

I won an award when I was 14of columbus when i was playing basket ball, also I got put in the hall of fa years old. I won it at the knights me for that. I also won a lion citizenship award before, for being the best speaker in my class. Then when I was 10 I won a fishing trophy, but the funny thing is I just caught a small dog fish and I was in Southapton when I caught it.

Well one of my career suggestions, based on my interest inventories are a security guard. That may also include putting yourself in harms way. I didnít like that very much. Then there was a parametic which I thought looked pretty good money wise but I donít think I could handle it. Then there was an auto dealer. I think it sounds perfect because I am not in harms way and I get paid just as much as a parametic or more and I like cars.