Capital Punishment

Life imprisonment or the death penalty? This has been an ongoing debate throughout the United States for years. If someone takes another person\'s life why do they deserve to live?

Six out of every ten asked prisoners serving life imprisonment said they would rather receive the death penalty instead of life in prison. Death penalty should be used more commonly than life imprisonment. It’s not right to let murderers have the chance to murder again. The 317 killers who were executed between 1998 and 2001 had murdered at least 734 people. That is an average of 2.3 victims per executed killer. Murder is a horrible thing and the only way to be sure that a murderer won\'t kill again is to not let them have the chance. So therefore give them the death penalty. It is not inhumane or cruel punishment because it’s justice for the crime.

Lets use an example. Say someone murdered your mother, father, brother, or sister and say they got stabbed 8 times. Would you want that person to have the chance of escaping from prison and hurting another innocent family? By enforcing the death penalty you are making a point. By killing one murderer you are showing people if you commit this crime then you will lose your life. Maybe then people who are even considering committing murder will stop and think. Is this really worth losing my life over? Life imprisonment just doesn’t have that effect. Basically all that it says is you get to have a roof over your head, your fed, clothed, and educated. What they have is better then some law-abiding citizens have.

In conclusion, capital punishment should be enforced. All states should have the death sentence available as a possible punishment for crimes committed. Just the idea that they could die for their crime could be enough to discourage some criminals.